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Linux Journal Issue #3/June-July 1994


World Wide Web  by Bernie Thompson
Another way to browse the internet, the World Wide Web brings the Internet's old and new resources together.
Tips for Optimizing Memory Usage  by Jeff Tranter
How to make the most of your computer's memory.
Sendmail+IDA  by Vince Skahan
The easy way to make a sendmail.cf file
Interview: Fred van Kempen  by Phil Hughes
The author of “net2” talks about his life with Linux.

News & Articles

UniForum  by Phil Hughes
ICMAKE Part 3  by Frank Brokken and K. Kubat
The Open Development of Debian  by Ian Murdock
Linux Programming Hints  by Michael K. Johnson
What's GNU?  by Arnold Robbins
Cooking with Linux  by Matt Welsh


Book Review   Newton's Telecom Dictionary  by Phil Hughes
Book Review   Internet Public Access Guide  by Morgan Hall


Letter from the Editor  by Michael K. Johnson
From the Publisher   Let's Take Linux Seriously  by Phil Hughes
Stop the Presses  by Michael K. Johnson
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