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Linux Journal Issue #5/September 1994


Emacs: Friend or Foe  by Matt Welsh
Lots of features make Emacs an attractive alternative to vi. Customizing makes Emacs perform the way you want
Interview with James MacLean  by Michael K. Johnson
DOSEMU team coordinator talks about DOSEMU challenges and solutions.
ez for the Programmer  by Terry Gliedt
Using ez as a source view editor.
Linux in the Trenches  by G.W. Wettstein, Ph.D.
Linux: Rx for the Roger Maris Cancer Center

News & Articles

Linux on the Motorola 680X0  by Hamish Macdonald
Dialog: An Introductory Tutorial  by Jeff Tranter
Writing and Intelligient Serial Driver  by Randolph Bentson
Using iBCS2 under Linux  by Eric Youngdale
Linux Events   Two Views on Heidelberg  
Linux Programming Hints  by Michael K. Johnson


Book Review   The Whole Internet User's Guide and Catalog  by Putnam Barber


Letters to the Editor  
New Products  
Linux System Administration  by Mark Komarinski
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