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Linux Journal Issue #6/October 1994


Messages—A Multi-Media Mailer  by Terry Gliedt
Sent talking pictures to your friends and family
Mobile Computing with Linux  by Marc E. Fiuczynski
An introduction to “nomadic computing” with Linux.
Learning C++ With Linux  by Jeff Tranter
Resources for learning C++ under Linux.
The Joy (and Agony) of SLIP  by Warren Baird
One way to connect to the Internet.
Tutorial: Emacs for Programmers  by Matt Welsh
GNU Emacs as a complete development environment

News & Articles

Selecting a Linux CD  by Phil Hughes
Report from the Front: The Linux Review Group  by Magnus Y. Alvestad
Linux Journal Demographics  
Kernel 1.2 Code Freeze Announced  by Linus Torvalds
Harbor  by Michael K. Johnson
Linux Events  
Cooking With Linux  by Matt Welsh
Linux Programming Hints  by Michael K. Johnson
What's GNU   Texinfo  by Arnold Robbins
Overview of the Debian GNU/Linux System  by Ian Murdock


Product Review   Motif 1.2.3 Runtime and Development System  by Dale A. Lutz
Product Review   Unix Interactive Tools  by Clarence Smith, Jr.
Product Review   Crisp Text Editor  by Robert Broughton


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