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Linux Journal Issue #8/December 1994


X Window System Programming with Tcl and Tk  by Matt Welsh
Unlock the power of X.
Introducing Modula-3  by Geoff Wyant
The right tool for building complex Linux applications.
Linux Command Line Parameters  by Jeff Tranter
Passing command line parameters to the kernel during system startup solves some programmers' testing problems.
Linus Torvalds in Sydney  by Jamie Honan
SLUGs in Australia: Linux Investigates

News & Articles

The Term Protocol  by Liem Bahneman
Linux System Administration   Fixing Your Clock  by Mark F. Komarinski
Linux Organizations  by Michael K. Johnson
Linux Meta-FAQ  


Product Review   Doom  by Michael K. Johnson
Book Review   Making TeX Work  by Vince Skahan
Book Review   Linux vom PC zur Workstation Grundlagen  by Martin Sckopke
Book Review   UNIX: An Open Systems Dictionary  by Laurie Tucker


Letters to the Editor  
Stop the Presses  
New Products  
Kernel Korner  by Michael K. Johnson
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