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Linux Journal Issue #12/April 1995


Linux: It's Not Just for Intel Anymore  by Joseph L. Brothers
A Linux Port Tour: Taking Linux Beyond its Intel-Processor-Based Beginnings
Leviathon  by Paul M. Sittler
Accessing On-Line Information through Linux.
Ethernetting Linux  by Terry Dawson
Connecting Linux to an Ethernet Network
Building Shared Libraries  by Eric Kasten
Understanding and Building a Linux Shared Library System.

News & Articles

What's GNU?   Plan 9 Part II  by Arnold Robbins
Cooking with Linux  by Matt Welsh
Kernel Korner   : The ELF Object File Format: Introduction  by Eric Youngdale
Mr. Torvalds Goes to Washington  by Kurt Reisler


Product Review   InfoMagic  by Caleb Epstein
Product Review   Xfig  by Robert A. Dalrymple
Book Review   A Quarter Century of Unix  by Peter H. Salus
Book Review   The Mosaic Handbook for the X Window System  by Morgan Hall


Letters to the Editor  
Novice to Novice   Linux Installation and X-Windows  by Dean Oisboid
New Products  
System Administration   Setting Up Services  by Mark F. Komarinski
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