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Linux Journal Issue #15/July 1995


The LINCKS GPD  by Martin Sjolin
The final article in a series on using the CSCW tool in LINCKS.
xfm 1.3: A File and Applications Manager  by Robert Dalrymple
A non-file manager user discovers the usefulness and flexibility of xfm.
HTML: A Gentle Introduction  by Eric Kasten
Learn how to create documents for the World Wide Web in HTML.
Setting up X11  by Greg Lehey
A no-tears guide to XFree86 configuration.

News & Articles

Interview with Orest Zborowski  by Phil Hughes
The Linux File System Standard  by Garrett D'Amore


Product Review   AX Graphical Driver  by Mark Banter
Product Review   Metro X  by Bogdan Urma
Product Review   Motif for Linux  by Bogdan Urma
Book Review   X User Tools  by Danny Yee


Letters to the Editor  
Stop the Presses   Linux at Decus  by Michael K. Johnson
Novice to Novice   Games, Sound & Other Agonies  by Dean Oisboid
New Products  
System Administration   Installing the Xaw3D Libraries  by Mark Komarinski
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