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Linux Journal Issue #17/September 1995


ncurses: Portable Screen Handling for Linux  by Eric S. Raymond
An introduction to the new, reliable, powerful ncurses library.
Writing Mouse-Sensitive Applications  by Alessandro Rubini
Use gpm to turn text-oriented programs into mouse-sensitive applications.
Porting DOS Applications to Linux  by Alan Cox
Lots of practical tips for porting your DOS applications.

News & Articles

Two Eiffel Implementations  by Dan Wilder
Linux Tips: Open Look Window Manager  by Robert A. Dalrymple
Moo-Tiff Development Environment  by Bogdan Urma
Reader Survey Results  


Book Review   Casting the Net  by Danny Yee
Book Review   Unix Philosphy  by Belinda Frasier


Letters to the Editor  
Stop the Presses  by Phil Hughes
Novice to Novice   Databases  by Dean Oisboid
New Products  
Kernel Korner   System Calls  by Michael K. Johnson
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