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Issue #18, October 1995

SmartWare Plus, WM_MOTIF Lite and more.

SmartWare Plus

ANGOSS Software International released SmartWare Plus, an application and systems management tool set and integrated business automation suite for Linux. The SmartWare Plus business suite contains a relational database, spreadsheet, and word processor, and can run concurrently in multi-platform environments in either graphics or text mode. The application development tools include development tracking, from prototype through development, application access security, documentation, prototyping, and auditing. Price: US$50.00.

Contact in North America: ANGOSS Software International 430 King St. West, Suite 201 Toronto Canada, M5V 1L5, phone: 416-593-1122, fax: 416-593-5077, e-mail: sales@angoss.com, Web: www.angoss.com.

Contact in Europe: ANGOSS Software UK The Technology Centre, The Surrey Research Park, Guildford Surrey, GU2 5YH, phone: +44-1483-452-303, fax: +44-1483-453-303.


Software UNO announced the release of an entry-level version of its WM-MOTIF library for porting MS-Windows applications to Linux. WM-MOTIF Lite supports the user interface functions of the MS-Windows API on Linux, and includes a full set of Windows compatible controls and a resource compiler to compile Windows scripts with minimal changes. Available via FTP from ftp.uu.net in /vendor/uno/wmmlite/linux.zip.

Contact: Software UNO, Ltd., phone: 800-840-8649, e-mail: info@uno.com, fax: 809-722-6242.


SuperSolutions Corp introduced two tools providing job scheduling and spooling for Linux. SuperScheduler allows system administrators and programmers to create jobs for running any number of programs or reports at predetermined times via event scheduling. SuperSpooler is a set of programs that allow system administrators to set up queues to run commands on local or remote systems, allowing effective distribution of network load. Command line access is available from remote sites.

Contact: SuperSolutions Corp. 722 North First Street Suite 143, Minneapolis MN, 55401 USA, phone: 612-340-9212, fax: 612-332-8411, e-mail: steve.mcdermott@supersolution.com, Web: www.supersolution.com.


Cyclades Corp released its new PCI RISC-based multiserial board, the Cyclom-Ye/PCI. Using the Cirrus Logic CD1400 RISC multiprocessors, the board will support serial speeds up to 115.2KBps on all channels, as well as full modem signals. Available in 8, 16, 24, or 32 ports per PCI slot with DB25 or RJ45 connectors. Price: (16 port) US$1079.99; limited time offer US$499.99.

Contact: Cyclades Corp. 44140 Old Warm Springs Blvd., Fremont, CA 94538 USA, phone: 800-347-6601, fax: 510-770-0355, e-mail: cyclades@netcom.com.

Abraxas PCYACC/HYPERTEXT 2000 Language Toolkit and PCYACC/MIL-LANG 6.0

Abraxas is shipping the PCYACC/HYPERTEXT 2000 package. It includes language engines for ASN.1, HTML, RTF, PostScript, HyperTalk, and SGML, and provides significant error processing features for building hypertext systems.

They have also developed a set of tools to assist in developing military language systems. PCYACC/MIL-LANG 6.0 provides mechanisms to quickly integrate ADA, VHDL, and FORTRAN-90 language systems into defense products, and allow quick changes to the behavior of military equipment that is currently hardwired for specific behavior.

Contact: Abraxas Software, Inc. 5530 S.W. Kelly Ave., Portland OR 97201 USA, phone: 503-244-5253, fax: 503-244-8375, e-mail: abraxas@ortel.org.

XForms V0.75

Xforms is a graphical user interface toolkit and builder based on Xlib for the X Window System. XForms is a portable C library, and comes with a collection of objects (buttons, sliders, and menus). Xforms comes with (among other things), source code for more than 50 demo programs, 200 pages of documentation, precompiled library and header files, and fdesign, an interactive GUI builder that can be used to design dialogues in a WYSIWYG way and output the corrosponding source code. Available from bragg.phys.uwm.edu/xforms, ftp://bloch.phys.uwm.edu/pub/xforms and others. Price: Free for non-commercial use.

Contact: T.C Zhao and Mark Overmars, e-mail: zhao@csd.uwm.edu, Web: bragg.phys.uwm.edu/xforms.


XBasic is a program development environment that includes an editor, compiler, debugger, function libraries and a GUI designer for 32/64 bit applications. XBasic was developed from a clean slate, and so avoids implementation dependencies that other languages can not avoid. 32/64 bit from the ground up. Price: Standard Edition US$149/$298, Professional Edition US$249/$498, Professional LAN Edition US$999.

Contact: Basmark Corp. PO Box 40450, Cleveland OH 44140 USA, phone: 216-871-8855, fax: 216-871-9011, e-mail: bmark@ios.com.

The Official Red Hat Linux—`95 Edition

Pacific HiTech and Red Hat Software, Inc, announced the release of The Official Red Hat Linux on CD-ROM. The two CD-ROM set includes DOS shell scripts which allow easier installation and configuration. The latest Linux kernels are on the CD, along with older, and for some purposes, more stable kernels. The packaging system, Red Hat's, RPP(R), allows for point-and-click system installation management. The release contains on-line documentation for installing, using, and managing the Linux operating system. US$39.95.

Contact: Pacific HiTech at 800-765-8369, 801-261-1024, fax 801-261-0310, e-mail: info@pht.com Web: www.pht.com/.

Contact: Red Hat Software, Inc. at 203-454-5500, Web: www.redhat.com.

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