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Issue #21, January 1996

SCSIserver SC16, Freedom Desktop for Linux and more.

SCSIserver SC16

ABLE Communications Inc. has announced SC16, a SCSI-based terminal server for Unix and Linux based platforms. The SCSIserver SC16 features full modem control and baud rates up to 115kbs for all channels. It comes with 16 ports in a single enclosure, including a universal power supply. The SC16 is ideally suited for multi-user applications or where system operators are controlling large banks of modems. Seven SC16s can be used together for up to 112 ports on a single system. Price: $1595.

Contact: ABLE Communications, 2823 McGaw, Irvine, CA 92714 Phone: 714-553-8825. Fax: 714-553-1320.

Freedom Desktop for Linux

Freedom Software, in partnership with Thinking Objects Software GmbH, has announced that the Freedom Desktop for Motif is now available for Linux. Freedom Desktop for Motif is an easy-to-use yet powerful desktop manager/GUI integrated with the Unix environment. It combines ease of use and advanced features to help users interact with Unix quickly and efficiently. It also runs transparently in a variety of Unix environments, from desktop computers to enterprise workstations. A free evaluation copy may be retrieved from fsw.com in /pub.

Contact: Freedom Software, 9F Oliver Court, Pittsburgh, PA 15239. Phone: 412-327-4940. Fax: 412-327-6518. E-mail: support@freedom.lm.com or uhl@to.com . URL: www.fsw.com.

FairCom releases Linux Server

FairCom Corporation has released the first commercial version of the FairCom Server and SQL Server for Linux. According to Winston Atkisson, Senior Engineer at FairCom, “FairCom's Linux Server offers true client/server architecture and heterogeneous network support.” The Linux Server is priced from $495 to $2395, depending on the number of users.

Contact: FairCom Corporation, 4006 West Broadway, Columbia, MO 65203. Phone: 800-234-8180. Fax: 314-445-9698.

BOOT ROM for Workstations

If you want to make a “diskless” workstation truly diskless, you can use a BOOT ROM. This read-only memory chip with the boot code burned into it plugs into your Ethernet adapter and loads the kernel of your operating system via the network. BOOT ROM comes with a floppy disk containing all the software necessary to set up your Linux machine as a boot server for a network of diskless Linux workstations. Source code for all the software is available upon request on a second floppy disk. Currently, BOOT ROMs are available for 3c509 (3com) and NE2000 (generic) cards. Price: BOOT ROM, $14.00 + shipping; Source code, $2.00 + shipping.

Contact: bootrom@datawire.com for more information or to order.

Chat Server Available

The Chat Server is a continuous-stream, real-time, multimedia-capable, web-based communication server developed by Magma Communications Ltd. Developed in a Linux environment for Linux-based machines, it works with practically all Web browsers, but to take advantage of Chat Server's continuous-stream capabilities, the Netscape browser is required on the client end. The Chat Server is not a cgi-script but a specialized server designed for a chatting environment. The Linux version of the Chat Server is available now, with ports to BSDI, Sun, NT, and HP-UX in the works.

Further information on the Chat Server can be found at Magma Communications Ltd.'s website at www.magmacom.com/chatserver/index.html.

Volant Corporation Announces htmlscript

Volant Corporation has announced the availability of an easy-to-use language for Web Servers called htmlscript. Completely browser independent, htmlscript allows users to develop interactive web pages in a server-safe environment. The software is available for most Unix and Unix work-alike systems. Access to reference documentation is available at http://htmlscript.volant.com/. Price: $99.00 for a 500-user license, which includes one year of free updates.

Contact: Volant Corporation, 2629 Ariane Drive, San Diego, CA 92117. Phone: 619-490-2570. E-mail: htsinfo@volant.com.

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