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Linux Journal Issue #23/March 1996


Linux Distributions Compared  
There are more Linux distributions than ever. Our editor takes you on a tour to help you decide which is best for you.
Linux Distributions Features Comparison Chart  
Graphic Formats for Linux  by Gerald Graef
What ARE all those graphics storage formats and which should you use? Gerald Graef explains the methods and benefits.

News & Articles

Geomview  by Tim Jones
Want a way to view and animate 3-D objects? Then Geomview may help you.
Ext2tools for Linux  by Robert A. Dalrymple
How to use Windows and Linux on the same PC while losing neither your mind nor your files.
Running Windows Applications NOW  by Ron Bardarson
Need to run MS Windows Applications right away? Then DESQview/X offers a solution.


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Stop the Presses  
Take Command   The cpio command  
Book Review   Linux Configuration and Installation  
Book Review   Building a Linux Internet Server  
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