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From the Free Software Foundation: “GNU Fortran (developed by Craig Burley) consists of a compiler, run-time libraries, debugger support, and documentation. The compiler supports ANSI FORTRAN 77 conformance, plus popular extensions to Fortran including some ANSI/ISO Fortran 90 features.”

The Beta version of g77 was publicly released for testing on February 17, 1995. Presently, bug fixes and refinements are underway to “...bring g77's overall packaging, feature set, and performance up to the levels expected by the Fortran community.”

The newest commercial CD distributions will contain g77 if they mirror sunsite. If you have Internet access, you can follow g77 development by typing

$ finger -l fortran@gate.gnu.ai.mit.edu

Alternately, you can get an update via FTP from the gate.gnu.ai.mit.edu site. Log in as “ftp”, with any password, and get g77.plan to retrieve the same information provided via finger.

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