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Linux Journal Issue #26/June 1996


Money Management under Linux  by Curt Olson
Discover CBB, the checkbook balancing utility for Unix and X11 developed under Linux.
Linux on Mobile Computers  by Kenneth E Harker
Taking your Linux workstation wherever you go.
Using SmartWare Plus to Build the Integrated Office  by Phil Hughes
Angoss offers a suite of applications for running today's office.
Scheduled Activity: cron and at  by John Raithel
These Linux utilities can make your computer do the right thing at the right time.

News and Articles

UniForum '96  by Belinda Frazier
This Unix and Open Systems trade show report
An Introduction to Rlab  by Ian Searle
A computational tool for scientific and engineering applications


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Kernel Korner   Dissecting Interrupts and Browsing DMA  
Linux in the Real World   Linux in the U.S. Army, or How I Spent My Winter Vacation  
Product Review   Caldera Network Desktop Version 1.0  
Product Review   Acucobol  
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