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Linux Journal Issue #28/August 1996


Beyond Your First Shell Script  by Brian Rice
How to write versatile, robust Bourne shell scripts that will run flawlessly under other shells as well.
Diff, Patch, and Friends  by Michael K Johnson
De-mystifying patches and the tools used to create and apply them.
Auto-loading Kernel Modules  by Preston F. Crow
Make your system leaner by modularizing the kernel.
The Cold, Thin Edge  by Todd Graham Lewis
Taking the Shell Paradigm to its Brutal Limits. Whether you use Tcl, shells, Perl, or C, there is usually an option whereby tools from one programming environment can be imported into another. Here's how to “push the envelope”.
Basic fvwm Configuration, Part 2  by John M Fisk
Customizing the Desktop. Organize and customize those pop-up menu entries.

News and Articles

Mobile-IP  by Ben Lancki, Abhijit Dixit, and Vipul Gupta
Transparent Host Migration on the Internet
Graphing with Gnuplot and Xmgr  by Andy Vaught
Two graphing packages available under Linux
Certifying Linux  
by Heiko Eissfeldt


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Book Review   World Wide Web Journal, Issue One  
Book Review   Civilizing Cyberspace  
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