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Announcing the Linux Buyer's Guide

With the Linux market growing at such a phenomenal rate, it is often hard to locate the Linux product you are looking for. Often Linux users aren't even aware of many of the products available for Linux. The solution? Linux Journal's annual Linux Buyer's Guide.

The 1997 Linux Buyer's Guide will be a complete listing of Linux hardware, software and reference materials. With easy-to-read cross-referencing, complete listings of all Linux vendors, and helpful Linux buying information, the Linux Buyer's Guide will be an excellent resource for all Linux users.

The annual Linux Buyer's Guide will be a free thirteenth issue to all Linux Journal subscribers. If you are not yet subscribed, make sure to do so now to ensure the arrival of your copy of the 1997 Linux Buyer's Guide. (E-mail info@linuxjournal.com or call 206-782-7733 for Linux Journal subscription information.) The 1997 Linux Buyer's Guide will have a newsstand date of late February 1997.

If you have a product or service you would like listed in the 1997 Linux Buyer's Guide, please call 206-782-7733 and request that a free listing form be sent to you. Or, visit our Linux Buyer's Guide WWW site: http://www.ssc.com/lj/guide.html.

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