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Amy Kukuk

Issue #32, December 1996

Visual SlickEdit Version 2.0, C++ Version of Andrew User Interface, JClass LiveTable Pro & LiveTable Applet and more.

Visual SlickEdit Version 2.0

MicroEdge, Inc. has announced release 2.0 of Visual SlickEdit, the editor for programmers. New features include API apprentice, which reduces complicated API calls down to filling out a dialog box, a C/C++/Java code beautifier, difference editing, selective display (code folding), code block selections and hex editing. SlickEdit is available for Linux at a price of $195.

Contact: MicroEdge Inc., P.O. Box 18038, Raleigh, NC 27619, Phone: 919-831-0600, Fax: 919-831-0101, E-mail: sales@slickedit.com, www.slickedit.com/.

C++ Version of Andrew User Interface

Carnegie Mellon University's Andrew Consortium has released the first C++ version of its Andrew User Interface System (Andrew7.4), an integrated suite of compound document applications with which Linux users can create documents containing combinations of text, pictures, spreadsheets and other embedded objects. Andrew is available free of charge, and has been released in binary form to simplify its installation. The entire suite of Andrew7.4 applications can be found at www.cs.cmu.edu/~AUIS. A comprehensive user's guide is available in print format for $25.

Contact: The Andrew Consortium, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, 5000 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, Phone: 412-268-6710, E-mail: zanger@cs.cmu.edu, www.cs.cmu.edu/.

JClass LiveTable Pro & LiveTable Applet

KL Group Inc., a leading provider of Motif GUI components, announced the release of JClass LiveTable Pro and JClass LiveTable Applet, Java table components that enable developers to build interactive tables and forms for Java and WWW applications. LiveTable Pro is a complete Java class library and applet that provides the building blocks for creating dynamic forms and spreadsheets. LiveTable Applet enables designers to bring HTML tables to life by adding scrolling view, on-the-fly sorting, and in-table searching capabilities. LiveTable Applet is available for $99, and LiveTable Pro is $399. Both can be downloaded from the KL Group's web site at www.klg.com/.

Contact: KL Group Inc., 260 King Street East, Third Floor, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5A 1K3, Phone: 800-663-4723, Fax: 416-594-1919, E-mail: info@klg.com , www.klg.com/.

FairCom Web Server

FairCom Corporation announced the release of its new FairCom Database Servers and c-tree Plus File Handler for use as a web back end. These new servers utilize the same heterogeneous network support offered by all FairCom Servers. These servers are available for many operating systems including Linux. The FairCom Web Server offers multi-protocol interaction between the client and server processes giving transparent file access to the end user. Web servers start at $445 and are licensed on a per server machine basis. OEM distribution and source are available.

Contact: FairCom Corporation, 4006 W. Broadway, Columbia, MO 65203, Phone: 573-445-6833, Fax: 573-445-9698, E-mail: faircom@faircom.com, www.faircom.com/.

New Release of ObjectSpace C++ Class Libraries

ObjectSpace Inc. announced the second generation of its C++ Component Series including Systems<ToolKit>, STL<ToolKit> and Web <ToolKit> products. Version 2 of the C++ Series consist of 10 C++ class libraries including the most portable version of the ANSI/ISO Standard C++ Library available today. ObjectSpace class libraries come with full source code, extensive on-line or printed documentation and hundreds of examples. Full technical support is available. For pricing use the following contact information.

Contact: ObjectSpace, Inc., 14881 Quorum Drive, Suite 400, Dallas, TX 75240, Phone: 214-934-2496, Fax: 214-663-9100, E-mail: scarrol@objectspace.com , www.objectspace.com.

CocoBase Java DataBase Access System

Thought Inc. announced CocoBase, a new family of Java based DataBase Access modules for creating and maintaining Java to relational database mapping using Java JDBC. CocoBase creates an internal catalog which can be dynamically modified without recompiling any application. A single map can span multiple RDBMS tables, not only for lookups, but also for updates, inserts and deletes. The CocoBase product, CocoMass, includes CocoPowder for object data retrieval and storage and CocoButter for easy GUI administration of objects to RDBMS mappings, is available for $4,000. Optionally, CocoNibs designed for remote access to CocoPowder using RMI and CocoBeans designed for remote access using CORBA can be added for $995 each.

Contact: Thought Inc., 2222 Leavenworth St., Suite 304, Phone: 415-928-4229, FAX: 415-567-9945, E-mail: info@thoughtinc.com, www.thoughtinc.com


Illimite, Inc. announced the availability of the InTerNet-LINK providing small-to-medium size organizations with inexpensive desktop Internet and/or Intranet Access. InTerNet-LINK is a self contained server built on the Linux operating system. It is designed to require a minimum of effort to install and maintain. InTerNet-Link lists for $3,995 for a 5-8 user system to $5,495 for the 25-50 user model.

Contact: Illimite, Inc., P.O. Box 18529, Rochester, NY 14618, Phone: 716-271-7128, Fax: 716-461-0431, E-mail: morcote@eznet.net, www.shopex.com/link/.

Linux Advanced GUI Toolkit

Microline Software has announced a free Linux advanced GUI toolkit. This toolkit is based on the Microline Widget Library for Motif and contains all the same features that are listed on the Microline web site at www.mlsoft.com/xml/xml.html. Software can be download free from ftp://ftp.best.com/pub/mlsoft/motif.

Contact: Microline Software, 1095 East Duane Ave., Suite207, Sunnyvale, CA 94086, Phone: 408-245-5116, Fax: 408-245-5126, E-mail: info@mlsoft.com , www.mlsoft.com/.

Introduction to Programming Java Applets

MindQ Publishing Inc.'s Introduction to Programming Java Applets is a multimedia CD-ROM tutorial designed to teach newcomers to experts using animation, audio, video and hypertext. CD-ROM includes a JDK (Java Developer's Kit). This program retails for $49.95.

Contact: MindQ Publishing, Inc., 450 Springpark Place #1200, Herndon, VA 22070-5243, Phone: 703-708-9380, Fax: 703-708-9381, E-mail: MikKass@aol.com , www.mindq.com/.

SOLID Server 2.1 for Linux

Solid Information Technology Ltd., announced the availability of the Linux version SOLID Server, a relational database management system (RDMS) with native support for SQL and ODBC. It is designed in strict adherence to standards, it is extremely compact, and it is easy to install and administer with an automatic backup feature and error recovery. A single-user desktop version is priced at $99, and multi-user versions are $199 per user.

Contact: Solid Information Technology Ltd., Huovitie 3, FIN-00400 Helsinki, Finland, Phone: +358-0-477-4730, E-mail: martin.mickos@solidtech.com , www.solidtech.com/.


Open Systems Management (OSM) announced Cos/Relay, an automated software distribution and installation package. COS/Relay automates the process of software installation across a distributed network from just one console. Comprehensive audit information is automatically collected, recording details on the software installations. COS/Relay is available for Linux, and is a part of the COSMOS suite of applications. It can be installed as a stand alone product for $200 per license (quantity discounts available).

Contact: Open Systems Management Inc., 1111 Third Avenue, Suite 2500, Seattle, WA 98101, Phone: 206-583-8373, Fax: 206-292-4965, E-mail: mike@osminc.com.

Linux Serial I/O Solutions

Digi International Inc., a provider of connectivity solutions, announced that its broad range of serial I/O solutions now fully supports the latest Linux kernel operating system, version 1.2.13 and 2.0. Digi products that now support Linux include the PC/Xe, PC/Xr and PC/Xem line of asynchronous serial port boards, as well as the Digi RightSwitch, an internal switch for Ethernet server connections. Driver for PC/Xi, PC/Xe and RightSwitch are built into Linux 2.0 kernel. Drivers can be downloaded from ftp//ftp:dgii.com/drivers/linux/digiRel.100g.tar.gz.

Contact: Digi International, 11001 Bren Road East, Minnetonka, MN 55343, Phone: 800-344-4273, Fax: 612-912-4952, E-mail: sales@dgii.com , www.dgii.com/.

CRiSP v5—Multiplatform Professional Editor

Vital Inc. announced CRiSPv5, Multiplatform Programmer's Editor with Hypertext help, visual templates and dynamic colorization on all platforms. Many new features have been added, and old ones enhanced. Complete documentation is now available on-line. CRiSP v5 is available for Linux at a price of $149.99.

Contact: Vital Inc., 4190 Candlewyck Drive, Plano, TX 75024, Phone: 214-612-2684, Fax: 214-612-3326, E-mail: sales@vital.com , www.vital.com/.

Cross-Platform Web Agent-Trudger

Vital Inc. announced Trudger, a dynamic multi-platform Internet web agent that makes web surfing possible without a live connection. A preview version can be downloaded from Vital's web site. Trudger uses asynchronous replication to stop an in-progress download with an ability to resume it later, and maximizes transfer rates by parallelizing the download of related links. Trudger is available for Linux at a price of $59.99.

Contact: Vital Inc., 4190 Candlewyck Drive, Plano, TX 75024, Phone: 214-612-2684, Fax: 214-612-3326, E-mail: sales@vital.com, www.vital.com/.

NExS version 1.2 for Linux

X Engineering Software Systems announced the availability of the NExS 1.2 spreadsheet for Linux. NExS, the Network Extensible Spreadsheet, is a full-featured, graphical spreadsheet developed specifically for Unix and the X Window System. NExS has more than 200 built-in business and scientific functions, and can import and export data in a wide variety of formats (including HTML). In addition the conNExions application programming interface (API) gives external processes complete control of NExS spreadsheets. Demonstration copies can be downloaded from www.xess.com/. NExS is priced at $49 for a single-user, stand-alone spreadsheet, $149 with the added conNExions API and $249 for a floating license.

Contact: X Engineering Software Systems, 2608 Sweetgum Dr., Apex, NC 27502, Phone: 919-387-0076, Fax: 919-387-1302, E-mail: devb@xess.com, www.xess.com/.

Networking Switch for Access 8 PCs

Network Technologies Inc., announced the introduction of the SC-2X8-6M6M15V-A, a two user, eight PC keyboard, monitor and mouse switch. It can be used to maintain and update networks, to provide technical backup to computer presentations, or to allow an additional point of access to multiple computers. The price for this unit is $3,630.

Contact: Network Technologies Inc., 1275 Danner Drive, Aurora, Ohio 44202-8054, Phone: 216-562-1999, Fax: 216-562-1999.

Acu4GL for ODBC

Acucobol, Inc. announced the release of Acu4GL for ODBC, a product that interfaces seamlessly from COBOL to Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) compliant data sources. This interface gives developers the ability to communicate with many different database formats without having in-depth knowledge about them, and without writing customer database queries. Acu4GL works behind the scenes to satisfy each request of the executing COBOL application by generating the appropriate ODBC calls. For pricing, use the following contact information.

Contact: Acucobol Inc., 7950 Silverton Avenue, Suite 201, San Diego, California 92126, Phone: 800-COBOL-85, Fax: 619-566-3071, E-mail: info@acucobol.com, www.acucobol.com

InfoMagic Workgroup Server

The InfoMagic Workgroup Server provides high-performance file and printing services to PC and Macintosh clients using the Linux operating system. It is the first Linux distribution designed specifically for servers. Based on networking software created by the Internet community and already in use at hundreds of companies, universities and organizations worldwide, the InfoMagic Workgroup Server provides simple graphical tools for system administration and set-up. A Unix novice can set up a sophisticated server environment in a couple of hours. The InfoMagic Workgroup Server is available unsupported for $75, and supported for $499.

Contact: InfoMagic, 11950 N. Hwy 89, Flagstaff, AZ 86004, Phone: 800-800-6613 (US & Canada) or 520-526-9565, FAX: 520-526-9573, E-Mail: Orders@InfoMagic.com , www.infomagic.com/.

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