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Listing 2. Adding comp.os.linux.announce key to public keyring

$ pgp /tmp/cola

Pretty Good Privacy™ 2.6.2 - Public-key encryption for the masses.
(c) 1990-1994 Philip Zimmermann, Phil's Pretty Good Software. 11 Oct 94
Uses the RSAREF™ Toolkit, which is copyright RSA Data Security, Inc.
Distributed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Export of this software may be restricted by the U.S. government.
Current time: 1996/05/03 20:15 GMT

File contains key(s).  Contents follow...
Key ring: '/tmp/cola.$00'
Type bits/keyID    Date       User ID
pub  1024/4CBA92D1 1995/09/26 Lars Wirzenius <wirzeniu@cs.helsinki.fi>
sig       C354A2E5             (Unknown signator, can't be checked)
sig       4CBA92D1             Lars Wirzenius <wirzeniu@cs.helsinki.fi>
1 matching key found.

Do you want to add this keyfile to keyring 'home/.pgp/pubring.pgp' (y/N)? y

Looking for new keys...
pub  1024/4CBA92D1 1995/09/26  Lars Wirzenius <wirzeniu@cs.helsinki.fi>

Checking signatures...
pub  1024/4CBA92D1 1995/09/26 Lars Wirzenius <wirzeniu@cs.helsinki.fi>
sig!      4CBA92D1 1995/09/26  Lars Wirzenius <wirzeniu@cs.helsinki.fi>

Keyfile contains:
   1 new key(s)

Can't open secret key ring file 'home/.pgp/secring.pgp'

One or more of the new keys are not fully certified.
Do you want to certify any of these keys yourself (y/N)? n
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