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Margie Richardson

Issue #33, January 1997

High Speed Intelligent Multi-port Card, TEAMate Server Software, SPATCH Alphanumeric Paging Software Upgrades and more.

High Speed Intelligent Multi-port Card

Cyclades Corporation announced its next generation of high performance intelligent PCI multi-port card—CYCLOM-8Zo. This card has a 32-bit RISC processor, PCI bus and RS232 serial channels and built-in surge protection. CYCLOM-8Zo is able to sustain baud rates of 460Kbps full duplex simultaneously on all 8 channels with low CPU overhead. It is available with octopus cable for $695 (special promotional price of $421 to ISPs).

Contact: Cyclades Corporation, 41934 Christy Street, Fremont, CA 94538, Phone: 510-770-9727, Fax: 510-770-0355, E-mail: sales@cyclades.com, http://www.cyclades.com/.

TEAMate Server Software

MMB Development announced TEAMate Server Software, a package of the 9 most popular out-of-the-box web applications available for Linux at a price of $895. The nine applications included are Chat, Forums, Classified Ads, Mail, Catalogs, Maps, Event Calendars, User Home Pages and Server Content Indexing. Included in the package are TEAMate's web, VT100 and GUI interfaces.

Contact: MMB Development Corporation, 904 Manhattan Ave., Manhattan Beach, CA 90266, Phone: 800-832-6022, Fax: 310-318-2162, E-mail: query@mmb.com, http://teamate.mmb.com.

SPATCH Alphanumeric Paging Software Upgrades

The Hyde Company has announced several upgrades to its base SPATCH alphanumeric paging software for Unix, includes Linux. With SPATCH users can send text messages to an alphanumeric pager, an application, an operating system or an e-mail system. One, Version 3 of it ISP solution to give ISPs the ability to offer an e-mail forwarding service to their clients has been released. Two, SPATCH-XL has been released for use by companies that need multiple modems to send alpha pages (supports 2 to 256 modems). Three, PagePage has been released to allow alphanumeric paging on an Intranet and works in any Intranet/Internet environment. Four, Echelon Page has been released to enhance the abilities of the SPATCH command line interface which allows users to send messages about system alarms and events to a pager. SPATCH base package starts at $199 for single user.

Contact: The Hyde Company, P.O. Box 900190, Atlanta, Georgia 30329, Phone: 770-495-0718, Fax: 770-476-7626, E-Mail: spatch@america.net, http://www.spatch.com/.

New Linux Books and Software

O'Reilly & Associates announces several new offerings for the Linux enthusiasts. Linux Multimedia Guide by Jeff Tranter is the first guide for developing multimedia applications using the Linux operating system. The second editions of Running Linux by Matt Welsh and Lar Kaufman and the Running Linux Companion CD-ROM (Red Hat Software) together provide everything one needs to install and use Linux on a PC. O'Reilly also added Linux in a Nutshell by Jessica Hekman to its Nutshell reference series. For pricing contact O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.

Contact: O'Reilly & associates, Inc., 103 Morris Street, Suite A, Sebastopol, CA 95472, Phone: 800-998-9938, Fax: 707-829-0104, E-mail: sara@ora.com.

Accelerated-X Server for Linux

WorkGroup Solutions, Inc. announced the release of Version 2.1 of Accelerated-X Server for Linux. Accelerated-X is the fastest, easiest to install and most compatible Xserver available. It contains a full Linux port of the X Windows X11R6.1 Graphics Engine, support more graphics boards than ever before, and is CDE-read (Common Desktop Environment) and capable. Accelerated-X Version 2.1 was developed by X Inside, and greatly improves graphics speed. It is available for $99.

Contact: WorkGroup Solutions, Inc., Department WEX016, P.O. Box 460190, Aurora CO 80046-0190, Phone: 800-234-7813, Fax: 303-699-2703, E-mail: sales@wgs.com, http://www.wgs.com/.

Red Hat Linux 4.0

Red Hat Software announced today the availability of Red Hat Linux 4.0. Red Hat Linux version 4.0 features many substantial improvements. These include more hardware support, simplified installation, dramatic performance improvements, and many more. The most important new feature is Red Hat Linux can now be used on Sun Microsystems SPARC and compatible computers, in addition to Digital Alpha, and Intel compatible PC platforms. Red Hat Linux 4.0 for Intel compatible computers is available for only $49.95. Red Hat Linux 4.0 for SPARC and Alpha editions are available immediately ready-to-install from CD-ROM for only $99.95 per copy.

Contact: Red Hat Software, Inc., 3203 Yorktown Rd, Suite 123, Durham, NC 27713, Phone: 800-454-5502, Fax: 919-572-6726, E-mail: bob@redhat.com, http://www.redhat.com/.

Silent Messenger for Linux

Silent Messenger from MessageNet Systems is a multiuser client/server paging gateway. It allows users to easily format messages and send that message via alphanumeric, digital and vibrating pagers. Software can be downloaded free with some restrictions (no support) from the web at http://www.trader.com/users/5013/3977/smparts.htm. Pricing depends on number of pagers, display boards and users—contact company directly.

Contact: MessageNet Systems, 4825 Pinebrook Dr., Novlesville, IN 46060, Phone: 800-577-2613, E-mail MessageNet@trader.com, http://www.trader.com/users/5013/3977/smparts.htm.

RAStel—integrated multi-link voice, data and fax card

Australian communications developer Moreton Bay Ventures has announced the release of RAStel, a remote-access solution that integrates multiple-link voice, data and fax in a single PC communications card. RAStel is available with four V.34+ modem ports or alternatively, two V.34+ modem ports and two high speed serial ports. Using multiple RAStel cards, a single PC server can connect directly to up to 32 telephone lines. RAStel supports all leading desktop and server operating systems including Linux. RAStel is immediately available from Moreton Bay Ventures directly or through its distribution partners in Australia and USA. The four modem RAStel model has a list price of $1495USD.

Moreton Bay Ventures, PO Box 925, Kenmore QLD 4069, Australia, Tel: +61 7 3279-1822, Fax: +61 7 3279-1820, Email: sales@moreton.com.au, http://www.moreton.com.au/moreton/

Mylex BusLogic SCSI Adapters for Linux

Mylex Corporation has expanded Linux operating system support to its BusLogic brand of FlashPoint Ultra SCSI host adapters. All of BusLogic's other SCSI host adapters, including the MultiMaster line, currently support the Linux operating system. Linux drivers and information are available at http://www.dandelion.com/Linux/.

Contact: Mylex Corporation, 34551 Ardenwood Blvd., Fremont, CA. 94555, Phone: 800-77-MYLEX, Fax: 510-745-7654, E-mail: peters@mylex.com, http://www.mylex.com/.

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