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Linux Journal Issue #37/May 1997


Linux On the PS/2  by David Weis
While still a challenge, it has recently become much easier to install Linux on a PS/2 with an ESDI drive. Here's how.
Linux/m68k: Linux on the Motorola 68000 Processor  by Chris Lawrence
In the midst of all the attention given to ports to evermore exotic hardware, it's easy to overlook the first production quality port: Linux/m68k. The current version is the most stable yet.
Native Linux on the PowerPC  by Cort Dougan
Users of the PowerPC no longer have to settle for less—here's how to run Linux on machines with the PCI bus.
Linux? On the Macintosh? with Mach?  by Vicki Brown
The answer is an emphatic yes: Disover MkLinux.

News & Articles

Tcl/Tk with C for Image Processing  by Siome Klein Goldenstein
Internet Servers in Perl  by Mike Mull
An Interview with DEC  by John “maddog” Hall and David Rusling
Safely Running Programs as root  by Phil Hughes
LJ Interviews Przemek Klosowski  by Marjorie Richardson & Lydia Kinata
Python Update  by Andrew Kuchling


Product Review   FairCom's C-tree Plus  by Nick Xidis


Re-linking Multi-Page Web Documents  by Jim Weirich
At the Forge   Missing CGI.pm and Other Mysteries  by Reuven Lerner
Book Review   World Wide Web Journal  by Danny Yee


Letters to the Editor  
Letter from the Editor: Changes at LJ  
Stop the Presses   Linux and Web Browsers  by Phil Hughes
Linux Means Business   Connecting SSC via Wirelss Modem  by Liem Bahneman
Linux Apprentice   Paths  by Lynda Williams
Take Command   ncpfs—Novell Netware Connectivity for Linux  by Shay Rojansky
Kernel Korner   The “Virtual File System” in Linux  by Alessandro Rubini
Linux Gazette   Tips from the Answer Guy  by James T. Dennis
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