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Amy Kukuk

Issue #39, July 1997

AcceleratedX Server Version 3.1, CDE Business Desktop, DNEWS News Server 4.0 and more.

AcceleratedX Server Version 3.1

Xi Graphics (formerly X Inside) announced the release of AcceleratedX Server Version 3.1 for Linux. AcceleratedX is an X Windows display server that solves compatibility and correctness problems caused by the lack of available driver support for new hardware. It features multiple visuals, overlays and gamma correction for industry-standard PCs. AcceleratedX supports graphics hardware from ATI, S3, Matrox, Diamond and more.

Contact:Xi Graphics 1801, Broadway Suite 1710, Denver, CO 80202, Phone: 303-298-7478, Fax: 303-298-1406, E-mail: info@xig.com, URL: http://www.xig.com/.

CDE Business Desktop

Xi Graphics also announced the release of CDE Business Desktop, a complete networked operating system that enables system administrators to integrate industry-standard PCs into existing Unix networks with the same functionality as more expensive systems. CDE provides users with a consistent graphical user interface and incorporates several enhancements, including the latest AcceleratedX Server, OSF-certified Motif + Development, an industry-standard Linux distribution and a comprehensive internationalization package which includes all major European languages and Japanese. CDE allows users to customize their desktops to individual work styles and preferences without sacrificing administrative control over system configuration. It also provides a common method of installing and integrating applications in a distributed multi-user environment. For more information visit the company's web site at: http://www.xig.com/.

Contact:Xi Graphics 1801, Broadway Suite 1710, Denver, CO 80202, Phone: 303-298-7478, Fax: 303-298-1406, E-mail: info@xig.com, URL: http://www.xig.com/.

DNEWS News Server 4.0

Netwin Ltd. announced the availability of DNEWS News Server 4.0. The database has been completely redesigned, and it will no longer use a group based directory structure. Additions since the last version include; increased speed, ability to spread the database over a number of disks and automatic recovery of database integrity even after a power cut.

Contact: Netwin Ltd., PO Box 27574, Auckland, New Zealand, Phone: +64 9 6300 689, E-mail: netwin@netwinsite.com, URL: http://netwinsite.com/.

SecureNet PRO v2.0

MimeStar, Inc. announced the availability of SecureNet PRO v2.0. SecureNet's intrusion detection and response capabilities allow for the protection of entire networks from one centralized location. It automatically monitors in real-time all activity taking place on the network, protecting against computer hackers, software pirates and electronic vandals. SecureNet PRO combines securities technologies into one package. The price of SecureNet PRO 2.0 depends upon the type of license purchased. A class C license which includes the SecureNet PRO server, one client and a printed/bound manual is $1,400.

Contact: MimeStar, Inc., PO Box 11648, Blacksburg, VA, 24062-1648, E-mail: mimestar@mimestar.com, URL: http://www.MimeStar.com/.

Dynamic Modules

Automath announced Dynamic Modules. It is now possible t link existing applications or runtime-libraries to a MuPAD system. This is not realized by using network protocols, files or message-passing but by direct linking of the application program to the MuPAD kernel. MuPAD and the external program then run in the same memory space and can exchange date rapidly and efficiently. Modules are created with the MuPAD Module-Generator and the accompanying toolbox which simplifies and streamlines the access to all functions of the MuPAD kernel.

Contact:Automath, Warburger Strase 100 D 33098, Paderborn, Germany, Phone: 05251-69-2627, Fax: 05251-60-3836, E-mail: benno@uni-paderborn.de.

Stronghold Encrypting SSL Web Server

Berkeley Software Design, Inc. and C2Net Software, Inc. announced that BSDI will market and support C2Net's Stronghold encrypting SSL Web Server. Stronghold is the first server to provide full-strength cryptography to the world because it is not restricted by export restrictions. BSDI will include a 60-day trial version of Stronghold with its BSDI Internet Server Version 3.0. The Stronghold Web server is available from BSDI for $495. It is available immediately via BSDI's Web site at http://www.bsdi.com/. Contact:Berkley Software Design, 1212 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612, Phone: 510-986-8770, Fax: 510-986-8777, E-mail: info@bsdi.com, URL: http://www.c2.net/.

SOLID Desktop

Information Technology Ltd announced a campaign targeted at the community of Linux developers. Between March and September 1997 Linux enthusiasts will be presented with a free personal version of the SQL database engine SOLID Server. Numerous commercial and non-commercial web sites are joining Solid Information Technology Ltd in this program by letting their web visitors download the free SOLID Desktop from their site. The SOLID Desktop for Linux is offered free of charge for anyone to download from numerous web sites around the world. The license is for personal and development use.

Contact:Solid Information Technology Ltd, Huovitie 3, FIN-00400 Helsinki, Finland, Phone: +358-9-477-4730, Fax: +358-9-477-47-390, E-mail: iko.rein@solidtech.com, URL: http://www.solidtech.com/.

Lone Star LONE-TAR 2.2

Lone Star Software Corporation (Cactus International) announced the release of LONE-TAR Version 2.2. Lone Star has added new features to LONE-TAR in the new version including: addition of TCP/IP network support, 30% faster Bit-Level with the ability to verify the integrity of symbolic links and report any broken links, a new restart feature that allows the user to restart a backup at a specified filename, and the ability to automatically exclude any network mounted file systems and “read-only” mounted file systems such as a CD-ROM. LONE-TAR includes a standard one year technical support.

Contact: Lone Star Software, 13987 West Annapolis CT, Mount Airy, MD 21771, Phone: 301-829-1622, Fax: 301-829-1623.

Cactus System Crash AIR-BAG

Cactus International (Lone Star) announced the release of Cactus System Crash AIR-BAG Among the new features added are: a Modem-dial-in facility with file transfer abilities, Boot Time Loadable Driver support, unlimited number of hard drive support, unlimited filesystem support, and improved compacting of the Unix kernel. The system comes with a standard one year technical support.

Contact: Cactus International Inc., 13987 West Annapolis CT, Mount Airy, MD, Phone: 301-829-1622, Fax: 301-829-1623.

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