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Linux Journal Issue #41/September 1997


RoboCar: Unmanned Ground Robotics  by Kerry Kruempelstaedter
Students at the University of Colorado at Boulder use Linux on two networked computers which provide the brains for their entry in a robotic vehicle race.
Linux at Holt Public Schools  by Mark Lachniet
WAN links and linux proxy servers form the basis of a computer network for this Michigan public school system.
A Linux-based Lab for Operating Systems and Network Courses  by Richard Chapman and W.H Carlisle
Computer science students at Auburn University learn about operating systems and networking using Linux in the computer lab.

News & Articles

Using Linux in a Training Environment  by B. Scott Burkett
Programming with XForms, Part 3: The Library  by Thor Sigvaldason
Packet Radio under Linux  by Jeff Tranter


Product Review   Empress RDBMD and Just Logic/SQL RDBMS  by Rob Wehrli
Product Review   Megahedron—A 3D Graphics Environment  by Michael J. Hammel
Product Review   SOLID Desktop 2.2 for Linux  by Bradley J. Willson
Book Review   Beginning Linux Programming  by Mark Shacklette
Book Review   Linux Configuration and Installation, Second Edition  by Harvey Friedman


Building an ISP Using Linux and an Intranet  by Eric Harlow
At the Forge   Speaking SQL  by Reuven Lerner


Letters to the Editor  
From the Editor  
From the Publisher   Atlanta Linux Showcase Report  by Phil Hughes and Todd Shrider
Stop the Presses   Linux Grows Up  by Phil Hughes
Linux Apprentice   Introduction to Named Pipes  by Andy Vaught
Linux Means Business   Linux for Embedded Systems  by Sandor Markon & Kenji Sasaki
New Products  
System Administration   Quota: Managing Your Disk Space  by Jan Rooijackers
Kernel Korner   The sysctl Interface  by Alessandro Rubini
Best of Technical Support  
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