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Linux Journal Issue #43/November 1997


Graphical Applications Using MetaCard  by Scott Raney
How to write graphical applications using MetaTalk, a MetaCard scripting language.
Streaming Audio in Linux  by Siome Goldenstein
The nature and perception of sound, sound as an object in a computer and available software for streaming audio.
The Quick Start Guide to the GIMP, Part 1  by Michael J. Hammel
First of a four-part series introducing the GIMP, a Linux power tool for the graphics artist.
GIF Images On The Fly  by Jimmy Ball
New images from old, in real time.

News & Articles

Linux Expo at Union Bank of Switzerland  by Martin Sjoelin
Sound through the PC-speaker  by Paul Dunne
YODL or Yet Oneother Document Language  by Karel Kubat
Linux Journal Interviews Robert Nation  by Larry Ayers
Linux as a Telephony Platform  by David Sugar
Game Control Design  by Dave Thomson
Linux and the Alpha, How to Make Your Applications Fly, Part 2  by David Mosberger
Mistaken Identities  


Product Review   Metro-X 3.1.5  by Mark Nassal
Product Review   SCO OpenServer  by Ken Collins
Product Review   Lifebook 420D Notebook Computer  by Michael Scott Shappe
Product Review   AcceleratedX CDE and Display Server for PC Unix  by Bradley Willson
Book Review   Operating Systems: Design and Implementation, 2nd edition  by Boytcho Peytchev
Book Review   Perl5  by Michael Hines
Book Review   Essential Linux  by Marjorie Richardson
Book Review   Linux Universe  by Jan Rooijackers


Faxing From a Web Page  by David Weis
Book Review   The UNIX Web Server Book  by Gerald Luther Graef
At the Forge   Integrating SQL with CGI, Part 2  by Reuven Lerner


Letters to the Editor  
From the Publisher   Linux in the Mainstream?  by Phil Hughes
Stop the Presses   Ownership of Linux Trademark Resolved  by Margie Richardson
Linux Apprentice   Power Printing with MagicFilter  by Bill Cunningham
Take Command   ssh: Secure Shell  by Alessandro Rubini
Linux Means Business   Highway POS System  by Marc L Allen
New Products  
System Administration   IP Masquerading Code Follow-Up  by Chris Kostick
Kernel Korner   Linux Kernel Installation  by David A. Bandel
Linux Gazette   Using SAMBA to Mount Windows 95  by Jonathon Stroud
Best of Technical Support  
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