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Linux Journal Issue #46/February 1998


PostgreSQL—The Linux of Databases  by Rolf Herzog
A close look at the PostgreSQL database, including programming interfaces and using it for WWW applications.
The Qddb Database Suite  by Eric H. Herrin, II and Gilbert J. Benson, Jr.
An introduction the freely available database suite called Qddb.
Beagle SQL, A Client/Server Database for Linux  by Rob Klein
Mr. Klein introduces us to a database called Beagle SQL that he developed as a learning experience.
Portable Database Management with /rdb  by Ed Petron
Web server analysis logs and mailing list management is made easy by using the /rdb database system—here's how to do it.

News & Articles

Linux Network Programming, Part 1: BSD Sockets  by Ivan Griffin and John Nelson
This is the first of a series of articles about how to devlop networked applications using the various interfaces available on Linux.
Linux Helps Bring Titanic to Life  by Darryl Strauss and Wook
First article in a two part series on using Linux for visual effects in “Titanic”. This article will focus on the technical aspects of the project.
The Quick Start Guide to the GIMP, Part Four  by Michael J. Hammel
Our series winds up with a detailed description of the toolbox, plug-ins and keyboard acceleration.
A Partner's Survival Guide  by Telsa Gwynne
A view of life with a hacker brought to us by a mischievous spouse who should know—Ms. Gwynne is married to Alan Cox.
 by Craig Oda
Tokyo Linux Users Group Grows Up


Personal Empress Database  by David Weis
Review of personal Empress RDBMS for Linux.
S.u.S.E. V5.0  by Stuart Green
The Essential Perl Books  by Eric Raymond


Web Counting with mSQL and Apache  by Randy Jay Yarger
Learn all about Apache modules and mSQL programming using a web counting program as an example.
Linux Works for Me and You  by Maan Bsat
A high school student tells us about using Linux as a server at school, at home and at work.
At the Forge   Attaching Files to Forms  by Reuven M. Lerner
Mr. Lerner shows us a way to use file elements to allow web site visitors to upload information or program files to the site.


Letters to the Editor  
From the Editor   Databases  by Marjorie Richardson
From the Publisher   Needed: Linux Banking Software  by Phil Hughes
Stop the Presses   COMDEX/Fall '97  by Carlie Fairchild
Linux Apprentice   Setting Up E-mail  by Jonathan Walther
Setting Up E-mail This article will give you a properly working e-mail setup and an overview of various pieces of e-mail software.
Take Command   ispell: Spelling Checker  by Marjorie Richardson
ispell: Spelling Checker Don't know how to spell? This is the command for you.
Linux Means Business   United Railway Signal Group, Inc.  by Lester Hightower and Hank Leininger
United Railway Signal Group, Inc. The story of how Progressive Computer Concepts has turned United Railway into a Linux shop.
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