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Linux Journal Issue #49/May 1998


The Perl Debugger  by Jeremy Impson
The Perl debugger, a part of the core Perl distribution, is a useful tool to master, allowing close interactive examination of executing Perl code.
Building Reusable Java Widgets  by R.J. Celestino
An introduction to writing pluggable do-it-yourself widgets for the Java programmer.
Building a Distributed Spreadsheet in Modula-3  by John Kominek
Mr. Kominek introduces us to the Modula-3 language and shows us how it can be used for cross-platform programming.
Doubly Linked Lists and the Abstract Data Type  by Carl Nobile
The ADT concept is at the heart of object-oriented programming and cross-platform development. Mr. Nobile gives us an example with his doubly linked list libraries.
The Importance of the GUI in Cross Platform Development  by Michael Babcock
The fragmentation of development energy into too many GUI toolkits is one of the most serious problems facing the Linux community today.

News & Articles

Rapid Prototyping with Tcl/Tk  by Richard Schwaninger
A discussion of rapid prototyping and how it can benefit programmers in creating software to match the customer's needs.
CDE Plug-and-Play  by George Kraft IV
The programming infrastructure, such as ToolTalk, is a major strength of the Common Desktop Environment. This article illustrates client and server plug-and-play through the use of the Desktop's Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).
The Python DB-API  by Andrew M. Kuchling
A Python SIG has put together a DB-API standard; Mr. Kuchling gives us the details.
Toward Greater Portability: A Quixotic View  by Graydon L. Ekdahl, Ph.D.


The Yard Relational Database System  by Fred Butzen
A Practical Guide to Linux  by Todd Sundsted
HTML: The Definitive Guide, Second Edition  by Eric S. Raymond


Protecting Your Site with Access Controls  by Reuven M. Lerner


Letters to the Editor  
Stop the Presses   Open Source Debate  by Phil Hughes
Take Command   gprof, bprof and Time Profilers  by Andy Vaught
gprof, bprof and Time Profilers Mr. Vaught shows programmers a few commands to determine which sections of their code need optimization.
Linux Means Business   Linux on Track: Data Acquisition on German High Speed Trains  by Harald Kirsch
Linux on Track: Data Acquisition on German High Speed Trains Linux was used in two projects as a data acquisition system running more or less autonomously in the German ICE trains. This article describes design issues and implementation as well as the problems and solutions used in those projects.
New Products  
System Administration   RAID0 Implementation Under Linux  by Jay Munsterman
RAID0 Implementation Under Linux A practical guide to setting up and using a RAID0 device with the multiple device (md) driver.
Linux Gazette   KDE and GNOME  by Larry Ayers
KDE and GNOME A quick look at two projects designed to make the administration and usage of a Linux system easier for beginners.
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