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Linux Journal Issue #51/July 1998


The Crystal Experiment: Linux in a Physics Lab  by Emanuele Leonardi and Giovanni Organtini
Linux is now being used in high-energy nuclear studies in Geneva by CERN.
Due South with the British Antarctic Survey  by Craig Donlon and James Crawshaw
Linux now facilitates scientific research in the Atlantic Ocean and Antarctica.
Linux in a Scientific Laboratory  by Przemek Klosowski, Nick Maliszewskyj and Bud Dickerson
The authors tell us how they use Linux daily to fulfill the requirements of their lab.
Global Position Reporting  by Richard Parry
Although the GPS was originally intended for use by the military, in peace time it has given rise to applications that were heretofore limited to science fiction.
Javalanche: An Avalanche Predictor  by Richard Sevenich and Rick Price
This article introduces a prototypical avalanche predicting software package implemented with a Fuzzy Logic algorithm.
ROOT: An Object-Oriented Data Analysis Framework  by Fons Rademakers and Rene Brun
A report on a data analysis tool currently being developed at CERN.

News & Articles

A Glimpse of Icon: A Language For the Rest of Us  by Clinton Jeffery and Shamim Mohamed
This article gives a quick introduction to the programming language Icon, developed at the University of Arizona.
Having Fun on ViewSurf  by Pierre Ficheux
This article explains how linux is used in the ViewSurf “Beach Report”, a fun WebCAM-based service.
Encrypted File Systems  by Bear Giles
Here's a good way to protect your files. Mr. Giles explains how to encrypt your entire file system rather than individual files.
Graphical Desktop Korn Shell  by George Kraft IV
The Graphical Desktop Korn Shell (DtKsh) is a featured part of the Common Desktop Environment (CDE). DtKsh provides a consistent and reliable graphical Motif shell language that is supported on all CDE-compliant systems.
A SCSI Test Tool for Linux  by Pete Popov
Introducing Samba  by John Blair
When you need to network your Linux box with Windows, Samba is the way to do it.


Softfocus BTree/ISAM v3.1  by Edmund P. Morgan
Insure++  by Jim Nance


At the Forge   Combining Apache and Perl  by Reuven M. Lerner


Letters to the Editor  
Stop the Presses   COMDEX/Spring 1998  by Jon “maddog” Hall
Take Command   lex and yacc: Tools Worth Knowing  by Dean Allen Provins
lex and yacc: Tools Worth Knowing Today, computers can talk and they can listen—but how often do they do what you want?
New Products  
Kernel Korner   Miscellaneous Character Drivers  by Alessandro Rubini
Miscellaneous Character Drivers Mr. Rubini tells us how to register a small device needing a single entry point with the misc driver.
Linux Gazette   The Yorick Programming Language  by Cary O'Brien
The Yorick Programming Language Yorick is an interpreted language for numerical analysis used by scientist on machines from Linux laptops to Cray supercomputers.
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