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Linux Journal Issue #54/October 1998


Linux in an Embedded Communications Gateway  by Greg Herlein
This article describes a communications gateway system, why Linux was chosen for the implementation and why Linux is an excellent choice for similar gateways.
PIC Programming with Linux  by Brian C. Lane
Mr. Lane has written a program called picprg to enable you to easily program a PIC microcontroller.
Active Badges—The Next Generation  by Igor Bokun and Krzysztof Zielinski
Implementing a software location system as a Linux embedded application results in a robust, efficient and inexpensive system.
The Future of Linux  by Greg Roelofs
An informal report on the panel discussion held in Santa Clara on July 14.

News & Articles

Linux Print System at Cisco Systems, Inc.  by Damian Ivereigh
Cisco runs a redundant system of 50 print servers using Linux, Samba and Netatalk. It prints to approximately 1,600 printers worldwide, serving 10,000 UNIX and Windows 95 users, some of whom are in mission-critical environments.
Migrating to Linux, Part 3  by Norman M. Jacobowitz
The future of Linux in the SOHO environment.
Sculptor: A Real Time Phase Vocoder  by Nick Bailey
Sculptor is a set of audio tools for Linux that manipulates spectra in real time and provides continuous audio output.
LJ Interviews Robert Dinse of Eskimo North  by Marjorie Richardson
Some background on the ISP and its switch to the Linux platform.
The Great Linux Revolt of 1998  by Chris DiBona
A new and fun way to positively promote Linux.


Cobalt Qube Microserver  by Ralph Sims
All about this compact web server hardware.
Applixware vs. StarOffice  by Fred Butzen
A detailed comparison of the two office packages, their installations and ease of use.
LINUX: Installation, Configuration, Use  by Michael Scott Shappe


Embperl: Modern Templates  by Reuven M. Lerner
Mr. Lerner introduces us to a template system for Perl: what it is, how it works and how to use it.


Letters to the Editor  
Stop the Presses   Linux and Informix  by Phil Hughes
The availability of Informix SE for Linux was announced at the International Informix Users Group conference, July 22-24, 1998.
Linux Means Business   Virginia Power Update  by Vance Petree
Mr. Petree brings us up to date on events at Virginia Power, telling us about its Linux substation controllers and new data monitoring system.
New Products  
System Administration   Automating Tasks with EXPECT  by Vinnie Saladino
Mr. Saladino gives us a quick introduction to Expect, a program to help you accomplish your remote tasks.
Linux Gazette   Mastering Kernel Modules with Caldera  by David B. Nelson
Mr. Nelson gives us step-by-step instructions for loading kernel modules, so we can keep our kernel lean.
Linux Gazette   Best of Technical Support  
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