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Linux Journal Issue #56/December 1998


Performance Monitoring Tools for Linux  by David Gavin
Article about writing up a package of tools for performance analysis of Linux systems. It was written to make up for the lack of SAR on Linux—includes data collection tool and two sets of graphing systems
CIDR: A Prescription for Shortness of Address Space  by David A. Bandel
This article explains the concept of CIDR and shows you how you can implement it on your network.
User Manager Software  by Branden Williams
Mr. Williams presents a tool to handle all of your user-administration tasks.
X Window System Administration  by Jay Ts
An introduction to X structure, configuration and customization.
LJ Interviews Linus Torvalds  by Marjorie Richardson
With 2.2 on the horizon, LJ once again talks to the man who started it all—Linus Torvalds.

News & Articles

Building a Web Weather Station  by Chris Howard
Mr. Howard tells us how he gathers and outputs weather information to the Web using Linux, Perl and automated FTP. Archive File containing listings found in this article.
Samba's Encrypted Password Support  by John Blair
How SMB-encrypted passwords actually works and a walk-through the steps required to enable encrypted passwords in Samba.
X-ISP and Maintaining Multiple Account Records  by Chris LeDantec
Even for the experienced administrator, X-ISP provides an easy way to manage multiple accounts, keep track of usage expense and time on-line.
Linux in Banking  by Idan Shoham
Mr. Shoham tells us how his company set up an Internet banking system using Linux for a bank in Western Canada.
Preventing Spams and Relays  by John Wong
The smtpd package is a useful mail demon for stopping spam, thereby saving money and resources.


Mathematica version 3.0 for Linux  by Patrick Galbraith
Review of new Maple release. Contacting Waterloo for new version
Happy Hacking Keyboard  by Jeremy Dinsel
Linux Application Development  by Andrew Johnson
The Linux System Administration Handbook  by David A. Bandel
Learning the Bash Shell, Second Edition  by Bob van der Poel


Linux Means Business   Wireless Networking in Africa  by F. Postogna, C. Fonda, E.Canessa, G. O. Ajayi, S. Radicella
The experiences of the members of an Italian project in establishing wireless networking with Linux in Africa
Linux in Education   Sharing Pedagogy with Java  by Robert A. Dalrymple
At the Forge   Embperl and Databases  by Reuven M. Lerner
Archive File containing listings found in this article.
Linux Apprentice   Linux Security for Beginners  by Alex Withers
Mr. Withers takes a look at basic security issues and how to solve them using available tools
Take Command   bc: A Handy Utility  by Alasdair McAndrew
Mr. McAndrew shows us how the bc command can be used for prototyping numerical algorithms.
Kernel Korner   The Wonderful World of Linux 2.2  by Joseph Pranevich
Mr. Pranevich gives us a look at the changes and improvements coming out in the new kernel.

Strictly On-line

Linux System Initialization  by David A. Bandel
Archive File containing listings found in this article.


Letters to the Editor  
Stop the Presses  by Dwight Johnson
Venture Capital Invested in Red Hat
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