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Linux Journal Issue #59/March 1999


Internationalization and Emerging Markets  by Marjorie Richardson
An introduction to our features.


Alphabet Soup: The Internationalization of Linux, Part 1  by Stephen Turnbull
Mr. Turnbull takes a look at the problems faced when different character sets and the need for standardization.
Autonomous Vehicles  by Massimo Bertozzi, Alberto Broggi and Alessandra Fascioli
Linux drives the experimental vehicle of the University of Parma.
Internationalizing Messages in Linux Programs  by Pancrazio de Mauro
An introduction to the GNU gettext system for producing multilingual programs.
Mediated Reality: University of Toronto RWM Project  by Dr. Steve Mann
Dr. Mann describes his WearComp (“Wearable Computer”) invention as a tool for “Mediated Reality”. WearComp originated in the context of photographic tools as true extensions of the mind and body and evolved into a philosophical basis for self-determination, characteristic of the Linux operating system that runs on WearComp.
Polyglot Emacs 20.4  by Jon Babcock
A look at multilingual Emacs.


Smart Cards and Biometrics  by David Corcoran, David Sims and Bob Hillhouse
The cool way to make secure transactions.
Linux for the International Space Station Program  by Guillermo Ortega
An overview of two applications for spacecraft and why these applications are being run on Linux.
LJ Talks to Chris Brown of Learning Tree International  by Marjorie Richardson
Linux enters the mainstream as companies such as Learning Tree and Caldera offer training courses for Linux. Here Learning Tree tells us why they are doing it.


LinuxPOS, An Opportunity Waiting to Happen  by Brian Walters
Red Hat LINUX Secrets, Second Editon  by Duane Hellums


Focus on Software  by David A. Bandel
Linux in Education   Linux in a Public High School  by Andrew Feinberg
Another high school student brings Linux and the Internet to his fellow students.
The Cutting Edge   The Linux Router Project  by David Cinege
A look at one of the fastest growing Linux distributions, that you may never actually see.
Linux Means Business   Cost Effective Services for the Office  by Kim Henderson
How the Linux operating system made possible cost-effective company e-mail and created opportunities for adding useful services.
At the Forge   Creating a Web-Based BBS, Part 3  by Reuven M. Lerner
Mr. Lerner shows us how to add a full-text search to our BBS.


Letters to the Editor  
More Letters to the Editor
Best of Technical Support  
Stop the Presses   Partners—Pacific HiTech and Panasonic  by Marjorie Richardson
New Products  

Strictly On-line

The K Desktop Environment, Version 1  by Bill Cunningham
Linux Network Toolkit  by Russell J. T. Dyer
Linux and the EURO Currency: Toward a Global Solution  by Guylhem Aznar
Mr. Aznar talks about problems and solutions to adding the EURO symbol to the keyboard.
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