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Linux Journal Issue #60/April 1999


Network Computing  by Marjorie Richardson


Corel's NetWinder  by Marcel Gagné
A review of this networking computer from Canada.
FlowNet: An Inexpensive High-Performance Network  by Erann Gat and Mike Ciholas
A look at current state-of-the-art network hardware and protocols with a solution for the slow network problem.
Using Linux with Network Computers  by Brian Vincent
A look at one man's experiences setting up Linux as an application and boot server for Neoware network computers.
Network Administration with AWK  by Juergen Kahrs
If you are looking for an easy way to access your network services, AWK scripting provides the means.


Linux Training  by Scott Schad
A report on Caldera's new Linux Administration Course.
Blender  by Ben Crowder
No, it is not that thing you use to stir up food in your kitchen—it is a hot new state-of-the-art 3-D modeler.
LJ Interviews John Ousterhout  by Marjorie Richardson
LJ talks to the creator of Tcl/Tk about the port of TclPro to Linux.
Linux Certification for the Software Professional  by P. Tobin Maginnis
A discussion of the need for certification and a proposal from Sair, Inc. for a Linux certificate program.


Arkeia  by Charles Curley
Xi Graphics MaXimum cde/OS v1.2.3, Executive Edition  by Jeff Alami
Linux For Dummies Quick Reference, 2nd Edition  by Harvey Friedman
Conix 3-D Explorer  by Michael J. Hammel
Perl Cookbook  by James Lee


Take Command   grep: Searching for Words  by Jan Rooijackers
grep: Searching for Words A command to help you find a specific word or a sentence in a file.
Kernel Korner   Linux 2.2 and the Frame-Buffer Console  by Joseph Pranevich
Linux 2.2 and the Frame-Buffer Console Wondering about the new frame-buffer features in the kernel? Mr. Pranevich gives us the scoop.
At the Forge   Writing Modules for mod_perl  by Reuven M. Lerner
The Cutting Edge   Security Research Laboratory and Education Center  by Joseph Pranevich
Security Research Laboratory and Education Center The world-class research center at Purdue University is getting serious about cutting edge development of security related projects.
Linux Apprentice   Windows/Linux Dual Boot  by Vince Veselosky
Windows/Linux Dual Boot Don't want to give up Windows while you learn Linux? Here's how to use both on the same machine
Focus on Software  by David A. Bandel
Take Command   Good Ol' sed  by Hans de Vreught
Good Ol' sed A nice little command to help you modify files.


More Letters to the Editor
From the Publisher   A Look to the Future  by Phil Hughes
New Products  
Best of Technical Support  

Strictly On-line

DECnet Network Protocol  
This article contains information on how to use and configure available DECnet software as well as information on how the kernel code works.
The Xxl Spreadsheet Project  
This paper is a general presentation of the Xxl project and of its latest version, describing the choices that drove the design of Xxl and its main charactertistics.
Network Programming with Perl  
Using Perl to make network task is easy—here's how.
Linux in Enterprise Network Management  
Providing Network information to customers on an intranet saves both time and money for this international chemical company.
Alphabet Soup: The Internationalization of Linux, Part 2  
Mr. Turnbull takes a look at the problems faced with different character sets and the need for standardization.
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