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Linux Journal Issue #61/May 1999


Programming  by Marjorie Richardson


Larry Wall, The Guru of Perl  by Marjorie Richardson
What's happening with the Perl scripting language—a bit of history and a look at the future.
CORBA Program Development, Part 1  by J. Mark Shacklette and Jeff Illian
The authors provide some basics to get the new CORBA programmer started.
GUI Development with Java  by Ian Darwin
Mr. Darwin takes a look at Java and describes the steps for writing a user interface in Java.
DSP Software Development  by Ian V. McLoughlin
Follow the development of speech algorithms for digital radios through the complete project life cycle.
Introduction to Multi-Threaded Programming  by Brian Masney
A description of thread programming basics for C programmers.


Red Hat Motif 2.1 for Linux  by John Kacur
Linux Programmer's Reference  by Andrew G. Feinberg


An Overview of Intel's MMX Technology  by Ariel Ortiz Ramirez
An introduction to MMX and how to take advantage of its capabilities in your program.
Troll Tech's QPL  by Craig Knudsen
A look at the new Qt public license and the effects it may have on software development for KDE and GNOME.
Creat: An Embedded Systems Project  by Nick Bailey
CREAT is a tool set for teaching embedded systems. In designing it, Mr. Bailey wanted it to be useful for real problems, cheap enough to build on the pittance which is an undergraduate's project budget, and totally open and accessible to the curious.


Linux Means Business   Upgrading Linux Over the Internet  by Daniel Dee and Dale Nielsen
Upgrading Linux Over the Internet A real life experience in remote upgrading of a Linux PC across the Pacific Ocean.
Focus on Software  by David A. Bandel
The Cutting Edge   LiS: Linux STREAMS  by Fransisco Ballesteros, Denis Froschauer, David Grothe and
System Administration   Adding Features to Dial-Up PPP Service  by Lindsay Haisley
Adding Features to Dial-Up PPP Service Mr. Haisley provides some PPP customization scripts for web hosting services.
Linux Apprentice   A Toolbox for the X User  by Christoph Dalitz
A Toolbox for the X User An introduction to several small graphical tools for the daily work of system administration.
At the Forge   Reading E-mail Via the Web  by Reuven M. Lerner
Reading E-mail Via the Web How to write your own program to read and send mail to any server on the Internet.


Letters to the Editor  by Marjorie Richardson
LinuxWorld Conference & Expo  by Marjorie Richardson
New Products  
Best of Technical Support  

Stricly On-Line

Improve Bash Shell Scripts Using Dialog  by Mihai Bisca
The dialog command enables the use of window boxes in shell scripts to make their use more interactive.
A Standard for Application Starters  by Rui Anastacio
Mr. Anastacio demonstrates how to write an aplication starter in a standard format.
Using Linux in the University  by Jeremy Dinsel
Mr. Dinsel tells us how his former college is using Linux as a web server and teaching tool.
A Look at the Buffer-Overflow Hack  by Eddie Harari
Mr. Harari disects the buffer-overflow hack, thereby giving us the necessary information to avoid this problem.
Memory Access Error Checkers  by Cesare Pizzi
A look at three programs designed to help the C programmer find the cause of segmentation fault errors.
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