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Linux Journal Issue #62/June 1999


Standards  by Marjorie Richardson


The Past and Future of Linux Standards  by Daniel Quinlan
The nice thing about standards is that there are so many of them to choose from. --Professor Andrew S. Tanebaum (author of MINIX).
The Distributions Take a Stand on Standards  by Norman M. Jacobowitz
Mr. Jacobowitz talks about standards with representatives of the various distributions by e-mail and at the LinuxWorld Expo.


WordPerfect 8 for Linux  by Michael Scott Shappe
Metro Link Motif Complete!  by Liam Greenwood
TclPro v1.1  by Daniel Lazenby
The Linux Network  by Duane Hellums
Developing Imaging Applications with XIElib  by Michael J. Hammel


Minivend—the Electronic Shopping Cart  by Kaare Rasmussen
If you need a catalog system for your web page, this product may be just what you are looking for.
Introduction to Sybase, Part 1: Setting Up the Server  by Jay Sissom
Sybase comes to Linux—here's how it works.
CORBA Program Development, Part 2  by J. Mark Shacklette and Jeff Illian
This month, the more advanced techniques of naming and event services are discussed.
Stephen Wockner of the TAB of Queensland  by Bob Hepple
A mission-critical application for 580 Linux computers.
Linux Clusters at NIST  by Wayne J. Salamon and Alan Mink
NIST is using Linux clusters for research, benchmarking them against supercomputers.


At the Forge   Sending Mail via the Web, Part 2  by Reuven M. Lerner
Sending Mail via the Web, Part 2 Mr. Lerner continues his look at building a simple, integrated mail system that can be accessed using a web browser.
Focus on Software  by David A. Bandel
Linux Means Business   Making Money in the Bazaar  by Bernie Thompson
Making Money in the Bazaar A look at the business models in use today and how they work.
Kernel Korner   IP Bandwidth Management  by Jamal Hadi Salim
IP Bandwidth Management A look at the new traffic control code in the kernel and how it aids in bandwidth management.
System Administration   Root File System on RAID  by Martin Schulze
Root File System on RAID What should you do if it is unacceptable to use a single disk or partition for the root file system? Use two or three. This article provides a solution for this problem.
Take Command   The awk Utility  by Louis J. Iacona
The awk Utility This column presents an introduction to the Linux data manipulation tool called awk.


Letters  by Marjorie Richardson
More Letters to the Editor
linux.com  by Marjorie Richardson
The Other Shoe  by Doc Searls
New Products  
Best of Technical Support  

Strictly On-line

Pro-Lite Scrolling Message Signs  by Walter Stoneburner
A review of the Pro-Lite Tru-Color II PL-M2014R, an affordable multi-color LED scrolling message board that is capable of being controlled by a standard RS-232 serial port.
PPR: PostScript Printer Spooling  by Olivier Tharan
Mr. Tharan tells us how to use the PPR spooler for large networks.
Linux in Schools  by Rob Bellville
How a K-12 school system is using Linux to supply a myriad of stable network services to its students and staff.
Linux for Enterprise-Resource Planning  by Uche Ogbuji
Mr. Ogbuji takes a look at enterprise resource planning and Linux's place in this market.
Linux Web Server Toolkit  by Keith P. de Solla
A review of the LINUX Web Server Toolkit, a book that takes the reader completely through the procedure of building a web server.
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