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Linux Journal Issue #63/July 1999


Science and Engineering  by Marjorie L. Richardson


Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator  by Ed Petron
Exploring connectionism and machine learning with SNNS.
Archaeology and GIS—The Linux Way  by R. Joe Brandon, Trevor Kludt and Markus Neteler
A description of an archaeology project making use of the freely available geographic information system GRASS.
Real-Time Geophysics Using Linux  by Laura Connor and Charles B. Connor
How the geophysical industry is using Linux for processing of magnetometer data.
SCEPTRE: Simulation of Nonlinear Electric Circuits  by Wolf-Rainer Novender
A look at an automatic circuit analysis program through engineering-based examples.


VMware Virtual Platform  by Brian Walters
Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution  by Doc Searls
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Linux  by Marjorie Richardson


A Geek in Paradise  by Jon “maddog” Hall
A trip to see the particle accelerator at Fermilabs by a self-professed geek.
MP3 Linux Players  by Craig Knudsen
Is MP3 the wave of the future? Mr. Knudsen describes this new technology and what it will mean to the listener.
Linux on IBM Thinkpad 750Cs  by Daniel Graves
CORBA Program Development, Part 3  by J. Mark Shacklette and Jeff Illian
A look at CORBA implementations in Java to provide interoperability between platforms.
Dev Mazumdar and Hannu Savolainen Interview  by David Phillips
Mr. Phillips gets the low down on 4Front technologies and what's happening in the world of sound.
Building a Linux Certification Program  by Dan York
A report on a community-based initiative to develop a professional certification program for Linux.


Focus on Software  by David A. Bandel
Linux Means Business   Linux and E-Commerce  by Yermo Lamers
Linux and E-Commerce The experience of one company selling Windows software using Linux to build a reliable e-commerce solution.
At the Forge   Personalizing “New” Labels  by Reuven M. Lerner
Personalizing “New” Labels How to let the site visitor know which documents he hasn't seen.
Guest Editorial   The Point Really is Free Beer  by Eric Hughes
The Point Really is Free Beer The average Joe wants something for nothing, and Mr. Hughes wants to give it to him.


Letters  by Marjorie L. Richardson
More Letters to the Editor
Report from the Trade Show Floor  by Matthew Cunningham
New Products  
Best of Technical Support  
The Linux Position  by Doc Searls

Strictly On-Line

Parallel Algorithms for Calculating Underground Water Qualit  by Tran Van Lang
The PVM system helps us in designing parallel processing programs for multi-computer systems. The implementation of the parallel algorithm enables the solving of large mechanic problems requiring large amounts of computer time and memory.
MuPad  by Alasdair McAndrew
Introduction to Sybase, Part 2  by Jay Sissom
This month Mr. Sissom shows us how to set up and use a Sybase client written in Perl through examples.
Precision Farming and Linux: An Expose  by Gordon Haverland
Farming is not a place one would expect to fine Linux, but there it is. Mr. Haverland tells us how Linux is used in this unusual area.
UNIX awk & sed Programmer's Interactive Workbook  by Paul Dunne
The UNIX CD Bookshelf  by Derek Vadala
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