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Linux Journal Issue #64/August 1999


Graphics  by Marjorie Richardson


Scott Draeker and Sam Latinga, Loki Entertainment  by Michael J. Hammel
A talk with the company who brings you the computer game Civilization: Call To Power.
Motif/Lesstif Application Development  by Glen Wiley
A tutorial designed to help you build your own GUI.
Linux as an OPI Server in the Graphic Arts Industry  by Jeff Wall
A printing company finds Linux servers speed up their pre-press work.
Flight Simulators  by Roman Melnyk
A look at Linux in the Aerospace Training Industry.


Linux Expo 1999  by Marjorie Richardson
Linux Journal attends Linux Expo.
Robert Young of Red Hat Software  by Marjorie Richardson
Market Making for the Bazaar  by Bernie Thompson
Hans L. Knobloch of IGEL  by Marjorie Richardson
A talk with the head of the company that invented the thin client.
AbiWord: AbiSource's Open Source Word Processor  by Craig Knudsen
A cross-platform commercial application is giving away their source—here's the story.
Dynamic Load Balancing DNS: dlbDNS  by Harish V.C. and Brad Owens
This article discusses an attempt to solve the problem of network traffic congestion by adding a dynamic load balancing feature to the existing DNS.


At the Forge   Advanced “New” Labels  by Reuven M. Lerner
Focus on Software  by David A. Bandel
Linux Apprentice   Graphical Toolkits for Linux Programs  by Patrick Lambert
Graphical Toolkits for Linux Programs A brief look at several popular toolkits available for Linux.


Caldera 2.2 Review  by Jason Kroll
Helius Satellite Router  by Phil Hughes
Programming Web Graphics with Perl and GNU Software  by Michael J. Hammel
The Artists' Guide to the Gimp  by Syd Logan


More Letters to the Editor
New Products  
Best of Technical Support  

Strictly On-line

Extending the Bash Prompt  by Giles Orr
Terminal and xterm prompts can be created incorporating standard escape sequences to give user name, current working directory, time and more.
A High Availability Clustering Solution  by Phil Lewis
Mr. Lewis tells us how he designed and implemented a simple high-availability solution for his company.
Introduction to Sybase, Part 3  by Jay Sissom
Plug and Play Hardware under Linux  by David Cantrell
Open Source Remote Sensing Effort  by Dr. Shawana P. Johnson
Remote sensing software is being developed using the Open Source model by the web project at remotesensing.org.
Linux: The Complete Reference, Second Edition  by Ben Crowder
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