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Linux Journal Issue #65/September 1999


Cooking with Linux  by Marjorie Richardson


Cooking with Linux —The French Connection  by Marcel Gagné
Mr. Gagné provides us with several recipes from his famed French kitchen.
Natural Selection in a Linux Universe  by Travis Metcalfe and Ed Nather
Astronomers at the University of Texas-Austin are using the ideas of Charles Darwin to learn about the interior of white dwarf stars—using a minimal parallel Linux cluster tailored specifically to their application.
Multilink PPP: One Big Virtual WAN Pipe  by George E. Conant
MLPPP gives network managers the power to deliver WAN bandwidth on demand using an array of services.
Netscape Plug-Ins  by Larry Hoff
Extending Netscape's ability to handle additional file formats.


Open Source with Applix  by Craig Knudsen
Linux Distributions Comparison  
Caldera's Ransom Love  by Marjorie Richardson
Multicast: From Theory to Practice  by Juan-Mariano de Goyeneche
Broadcasting over the Internet—a look at developing applications for this new technology.
The 19th Century Meets the 21st  by Paul Murphy
Mr. Murphy describes how he set up DSL service for the old Brooklyn apartment where he lives.


Kernel Korner   Supporting Multiple Kernel Versions  by Tony Wildish
Supporting Multiple Kernel Versions Expect scripts to help you support multiple versions of the kernel across different platforms.
Focus on Software  by David A. Bandel
At the Forge   Dynamic Graphics  by Reuven M. Lerner
Dynamic Graphics Generating graphics, charts and graphs for your web site is easy following Mr. Lerner's instructions.
The Cutting Edge   Voice-Over IP for Linux  by Greg Herlein and Ed Okerson
Voice-Over IP for Linux Make your long-distance calls over the Internet using this new technology for Linux.
Take Command   cron: Job Scheduler  by Michael S. Keller


Red Hat 6.0  by Jason Kroll
ApplixWare 4.4.1 for Linux  by Dean M. Staff
Linux Device Drivers  by Mark Bishop
Learning Perl/Tk  by Bill Cunningham


More Letters to the Editor
Penguin's Progress: The New Building Trade  
New Products  
Best of Technical Support  

Strictly On-line

Adventure  by Joseph Pranevich
A trip down gaming's memory lane with an enthusiastic, long-time player.
Remotely Monitoring a Satellite Instrument  by Guy Beaver
How a small aerospace company uses Linux to remotely monitor the performance of a satellite instrument.
First UNIX/Linux National Competition held in Ljubljana  by Primoz Peterlin and Ales Kosir
A look at the questions and answers for a contest to find Linux solutions to common problems.
Linux Apprentice: Filters  by Paul Dunne
This article is about filtering, a very powerful facility available to every Linux user, but one which migrants from other operating systems may find new and unusual.
The Unified Modeling Language User Guide  by Geoff Glasson
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