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Linux Journal Issue #66/October 1999


Focus: Embedded Systems  by Marjorie Richardson


Portable Real-Time Applications  by Juergen Kahrs
The purpose of computing is insight, not numbers. --Richard Hamming, 1915-1998
Embedding Linux in a Commercial Product  by Joel R. Williams
A look at embedded systems and what it takes to build one.
Porting Linux to a Power PC Board  by He Zhu and Xiaoqiang Chen
An experiment and experience in using Linux in an embedded application.
Embedding Linux to Control Accelerators and Experiments  by A. Gotz, P. Makijarvi, B. Regad, M. Perez, P. Mangiagalli
A scientific laboratory in Europe depends on Linux for controlling equipment used in their research.


Running Linux on a Laptop  by Erik Max Francis
A quick look at what to look for in a laptop for Linux and how to set it up.
Transvirtual Adopts Microsoft Java Extensions  by Craig Knudsen
Mr. Knudsen tells us why this company chose to add MS extensions to Kaffe, the Open Source Java implementation.
Houdini: Magic Doesn't Just Happen  by Michael J. Hammel
Side Effects Software pulls the Linux penguin out of its hat with a port of Houdini.
upFRONT  by Doc Searls
Lyle Ball, Caldera  by Marjorie Richardson


Cygnus GNUPro Toolkit for Linux, v1.0  by Daniel Lazenby
Fast Ethernet Network Starter Kit (FENSK04)  by John Kacur
SuSE Linux 6.1  by Jason Kroll
CodeWarrior for Red Hat, Linux, GNU Edition, Version 4  by Jason Kroll
NexStar  by Jason Kroll
Learning Python  by Phil Hughes
Linux for Dummies (2nd Edition)  by Harvey Friedman


Linux Apprentice: Creating CDs   Complete instructions for storing your data on CD.  by Alex Withers
At the Forge   Dynamic Graphics and Personalization  by Reuven M. Lerner
A continuation of the discussion on creating graphics dynamically on the Web.
Linux in Education: Linux in Kuala Lumpur   Setting up computing facilities at a Maylasian university was easy using Linux.  by Dr. Junaid Ahmed Zubairi
Focus on Software   Focus on Software  by David Bandel


More Letters
From the Publisher   Is KDE the Answer?  by Phil Hughes
Best of Technical Support  
New Products  

Strictly On-Line

Java Servlets  by Doug Welzel
An introduction to writing and running Java servlets on Linux.
Bisel Bank  by Pablo Trincavelli
How a bank in Argentina is using Linux for testing database and web applications.
Perl in a Nutshell  by Jan Rooijackers
Java 2 Software Development Kit  by Harry J. Foxwell
LIMP: Large Image Manipulation Project  by Valient Gough
Designing a new library for processing of large images using a minimal amount of memory.
Web Client Programming using Perl  by Robb Hill
Web site monitoring of your system can be easy using Linux and Perl.
Open Source Software for Real-time Solutions  by Charles Curley
Mr. Curley takes a look at two open-source solutions for embedded systems: RTLinux and eCOS from Cygnus.
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