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Linux Journal Issue #69/January 2000


Networks and Communication  by Marjorie Richardson


The OpenPhone Project—Internet Telephony for Everyone!  by Greg Herlein
Call your friends and family from your computer—a look at the future or the present? With Linux, the future is now.
World Domination  by Eric Raymond
Eric takes a serious look at what the world will be like when Linux is the dominant operating system—or is he just kidding.
Advanced Packet Data Testing with Linux  by Wesley Erhart, Joseph Bell, Marc Hammons and Mark Mains
At Nortel Networks, we have developed a Linux-based system for testing a second-generation packet radio service. During system development we explored the details of packet radio, the IP internals of the Linux operating system and device-driver development.
BIND Version 8 Features  by Eddie Harari
Wondering about the latest version of BIND? Wonder no more. Mr. Harari is back this month to tell us all about it.


Using the Red Hat Package Manager  by Kirk Rafferty
This article will introduce you to RPM by showing you the most common features, namely how to query, install, upgrade and remove packages.
Workings of a Virtual Private Network in Linux—Part 2  by David Morgan
More about securing our comminication with the Internet.
1999 Readers' Choice Awards  by Jason Kroll
You voted, we counted—here are the results.
Penguin Playoffs Awards  by Peter H. Salus, Marjorie Richardson and Jason Kroll
And the winners are ...


Source-Navigator Version 4.2  by Daniel Lazenby
PNG: The Definitive Guide  by Michael J. Hammel
The Cathedral and the Bazaar  by Peter Salus


Linux Apprentice: Simplified IP Addressing   A look at an easy way to figure out what those pesky IP adresses actually mean.  by Gene E. Hector
Linux Means Business   Audio and Video Streaming for the Masses  by Gerald Crimp
How one company used Linux to provide transmission of live audio and video over the Internet.
Kernel Korner   : The Bullet Points: Linux 2.4  by Joseph Pranevich
A look at what's new in the next kernel release.
Cooking with Linux   The PPP Connection  by Marcel Gagné
At the Forge   A Simple Search Engine  by Reuven M. Lerner
Focus on Software   Focus on Software  by David A. Bandel


More Letters
From the Publisher   January 2000  by Phil Hughes
Penguin's Progress: A Look at IPv6  by Peter Salus
Linux for Suits   Running the Numbers  by Doc Searls
Best of Technical Support  
New Products  

Strictly On-Line

Linux and Banking  by Josip Almasi
A bank in Croatia is using Linux for its development platform. Here's the story.
Writing an Alphanumeric Pager Server for Linux  by Erik Max Francis
For those thinking of setting up an alphanumeric paging service or gateway, this article explains the protocols and methods involved.
Perl Annotated Archives  by Paul Dunne
The Collaborative Virtual Workspace  by Stephen Jones
Attend business meetings and bullsessions without ever leaving home—enter the virtual world.
Core PHP Programming: Using PHP to Build Dynamic Web Sites  by Allen Riddell
AppSwitch: Network Switching with Ada from Linux  by Ann S. Brandon
Software to automatically sort network communications to your specifications.
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