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Linux Journal Issue #70/February 2000


Linux on the Desktop  by Marjorie Richardson


KDE—The Next Generation  by Kalle Dalheimer
Ready to jazz up your KDE desktop—get KDE 2.0.
GNOME, Its State and Future  by George Lebl, Elliot Lee and Miguel de Icaza
The GNOME team bring us up-to-date on the progress of this popular desktop environment.
Artists' Guide to the Linux Desktop, Part 1  by Michael J. Hammel
The first in a series by our favorite artist to take a look at the most commonly used window managers.
Office Wars: Applixware and StarOffice  by Jason Kroll
Office suites are the mainstay application for any OS; Linux has two competing for your business.


LaTeX for Secretaries  by Jacek Artymiak
How to survive without Microsoft Word.
Matlab—A Tool for Doing Numerics  by Tobias Vancura
An introduction to a command-line program for matrix manipulation.
Remind: The Ultimate Personal Calendar  by David F. Skoll
If you have trouble remembering where you are going, this clever program can help you find your way.
LinuxPPC 1999  by Stephane Morvan
How to install Linux on your Power Macintosh to gain a robust alternative to the MacOS.
Open Source/Open Science 1999  by Stephen Adler
Mr. Adler tells us about a first-of-its-kind conference.
Profile: TiVo  by Craig Knudsen
The ultimate in recording television programs, TiVo is a set-top box that does everything for you.


CommuniGate Pro Mail Server  by Scott Wegener
Code Fusion Version 1.0  by Daniel Lazenby
Teach Yourself StarOffice 5 for Linux in 24 Hours  by Ben Crowder
The No B.S. Guide to Red Hat Linux 6  by Harvey Friedman
LINUX to go  by Marjorie Richardson
StarOffice for Dummies  by Sid Wentworth


Linux Apprentice: SCSI—Small Computer System Interface   Successfully installing a SCSI device on a PC.  by Keith de Solla
Take Command   HFS utilities  by Marjorie Richardson
Data on Macintosh disks can be read into Linux quite easily with this tool package.
Linux Means Business   Using Linux at the Aging Research Centre  by Jason Neudorf and Steven A. Garan
Come up to the lab and see what's on the slab—I mean, slide.
System Administration   Mark's Mega Multi-Boot Computer  by Mark Nielsen
Mark talks about his crazy multi-boot computer, which does have some practical value.
Kernel Korner   : Linux 2.4 Spotlight: ISA Plug and Play  by Joseph Pranevich
If you are tired of the complexity of configuring PnP devices for Linux, you can look forward to some relief from the 2.4 kernel release.
Linux Gazette: Emacs Macros and the Power-Macros Package   Writing Emacs macros doesn't have to be hard—Mr. Pedersen helps you get “more power”.  by Jesper Pedersen
Cooking with Linux   Tasty KDE Desktop Themes  by Marcel Gagné
At the Forge   More About Searching  by Reuven M. Lerner
Focus on Software  by David A. Bandel
The Last Word  by Stan Kelly-Bootle


More Letters
Penguin's Progress: Desktops of the Future  by Peter Salus
Linux for Suits  by Doc Searls
Best of Technical Support  
New Products  

Strictly On-Line

T/TCP: TCP for Transactions  by Mark Stacey, Ivan Griffin and John Nelson
A discussion of the operation, advantages and flaws of an experimental extension for the TCP protocol.
POSIX Thread Libraries  by Felix Garcia and Javier Fernandez
The authors have studied five libraries which can be used for multi-thread applications and herein present the results.
Linux and Open-Source Applications  by Peter Jones and M. B. Jorgenson
The building blocks for a secure and trustworthy computer platform.
Laptops for Linux!  by Jason Kroll
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