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Linux Journal Issue #71/March 2000


Linux Training  by Marjorie Richardson


A Web-Based Linux Training Course  by Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando
The president of Future Technologies describes his FTLinux Course training program for Linux.
Technology Training: Trends for the 21st Century  by Brian Holt
A look at how training courses will be taught in the future.
Jim Higgins, Caldera Training  by Marjorie Richardson
What's happening in the Education Department at Caldera Systems? Read on...
Instructor-Led Training  by Marty Ferguson
Training is a sound investment networked to future growth.


Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator  by Wael Hassan
This article introduces the uses and advantages of SWIG.
Using Apache Proxy to Suppress Banner Ads  by Raj Mathur
If you find Internet advertising annoying, time wasting and resource consuming, get rid of it.
Home Entertainment Linux MP3 Player  by Goran Devic
Here's a way to store your CDs and tapes away forever, while still enjoying the music.
Linux DVD Update  by Craig Knudsen
Watching movies is a favorite leisure-time activity for many people. Today you can watch movies on your laptop computer as well as your TV screen. But can you do it with Linux?
Linux and IBM PowerPCs  by Daniel Lazenby
If you have an RS6000, you could be running Linux.
Update on LPI Certification for Linux Professionals  by Dan York
Need to be Linux certified to get that dream job? The LPI provides the means to obtain certification.
Validation of Linux Certification  by Rick Hynum
Mr. Hynum talks to Tobin Maginnis of Sair Linux about his certification and training program.


Velocis Beta-3.0 Database Server  by Avygdor Moise
XESS Spreadsheet for Linux, Standard Edition  by Jason Kroll
Netwinder Office Server  by Jason Kroll
ProConnect  by Ralph Krause
Oracle Database Administration  by Charles Curley
Using Caldera Open Linux: Special Edition  by Ben Crowder
Linux System Administration  by Paul Almquist
Learning Debian GNU/Linux  by Marjorie Richardson


Linux Apprentice: Shell Functions and Path Variables Part 1   A description of a set of shell utilities to simplify the maintenance of your path variables.  by Stephen Collyer
Take Command   Sending Files by E-mail  by Marjorie Richardson
When it's time to send those source files to your project leader, Linux has the commands you need.
System Administration   Account Administration for K12 School Systems  by Steve Tonnesen
Taking care of computers in schools can present special problems, this program solves them.
Kernel Korner   The Linux Process Model  by Moshe Bar
A look at the fundamental building blocks of the Linux kernel.
Cooking with Linux   Fun Educational Morsels, Linux-Style  by Marcel Gagné
At the Forge   Consumer Rankings  by Reuven M. Lerner
Linux in Education: Linux Goes to Algebra Class  by Gail Fultz
The Cutting Edge   Moving to SMP  by Michael S. Keller
Wondering about multiprocessing? Think it might be fun? For one man's experience with setting up SMP, read on.
Focus on Software  by David A. Bandel
Embedded Systems News Briefs  by Rick Lehrbaum
The Last Word  by Stan Kelly-Bootle


More Letters
From the Publisher   April 2000  by Phil Hughes
Penguin's Progress: Teaching Linux  by Peter H. Salus
Linux for Suits   Canon Fodder  by Doc Searls
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New Products  

Strictly On-Line

Network Monitoring with Linux  by Tristan Greaves
Are you having trouble keeping your network under control? Here is an introduction to NOCOL: the freeware network monitoring system which will help you keep instability at bay.
An Introduction to Using Linux as a Multipurpose Firewall  by Jeff Regan
Feeling insecure? Here's a guide for getting the protection you need.
LUIGUI—Linux/UNIX Independent Group for Usability Info  by Randy Jay Yarger
A new Linux group has been formed to look at user interfaces to help formulate a standard in an effort to ease the way for Linux to move onto the desktop.
Unix Shells by Example  by Ben Crowder
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