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Linux Journal Issue #72/April 2000


The Internet  by Marjorie Richardson


The Linux Home Network  by Preston F. Crow
Everything you need to know to make those Internet and intranet connections at home.
Assessing the Security of Your Web Applications  by Nalneesh Gaur
This article outlines key test areas to identify security issues in a web application and provide measures to minimize them.
Setting Up a Linux Gateway  by Lawrence Teo
Setting up a Linux gateway can be a rewarding experience in both home and commercial environments.
Linux and the Next Generation Internet  by Stan McClellan, Michael Stricklen and Bob Cummings
This article describes the authors' implementation of a demonstration environment for differentiated Internet services (DiffServ) using Linux-based routers.
Eid Eid, OE/ONE Corporation  by Marjorie Richardson
Internet appliances are the next wave of computers to be bought by the public. Mr. Eid tells us how his company is serving this market.


Pakistan On-Line  by Rafeeq Ur Rehman
Linux is being used by an ISP in Pakistan—Mr. Rehman tells us why.
Building Your Own Internet Site  by Tony Dean
A quick look at what you need to build a web site for your personal or business needs, with pointers to the details.
The (not so) Wonderful World of DSL  by Jason Schumaker
Discover the joys of using the new technology of DSL and cable modems to make your link to the world.
RTAI: Real Time Application Interface  by P. Mantegazza, E. Bianchi, L. Dozio, S. Papacharalambous,
An introduction to RTAI for deterministic and preemptive real-time behaviour for Linux.
Novell Adopts OpenLDAP  by Craig Knudsen
What's new at Novell...
Artists' Guide to the Desktop, Part 2  by Michael J. Hammel
In this episode, Mr. Hammel tells us all about Enlightenment 0.16.1.
Transmeta Rewrites the Rules  by Linley Gwennap
All about the revolutionary new chip from Transmeta.


NetMax Apache Webserver  by Allan Liska
A Practical Guide to SNMPv3 and Network Management  by Charles Curley
Interconnections, 2nd Ed.  by He Zhu


Linux Apprentice: Customizing Vim   Some great customizations to Vim's default behavior—make Vim work for you.  by Dan Puckett
Linux Means Business   Converting from SCO Xenix to Linux  by Fred Treasure
A computer consultant's experience in converting the SBT accounting system to Linux for the Maxwell House Department Stores.
System Administration   Large-Scale Linux Configuration Management  by Paul Anderson
Mr. Anderson describes some general principles and techniques for installing and maintaining configurations on a large number of hosts and describes in detail the local configuration system at Edinburgh University.
Kernel Korner   The Linux Scheduler  by Moshe Bar
A look at how the kernel schedules tasks for both uni-processor and multi-processor machines.
Cooking with Linux   Cookie Cutters, Munchers and Crunchers  by Marcel Gagné
Some clues for protecting your privacy on the Internet.
At the Forge   Designing Databases  by Reuven M. Lerner
Games We Play: Commodore 64 Game Emulation   There must have been some magic in that old grey box...  by Jason Kroll
Focus on Software  by David A. Bandel
Embedded Systems News Briefs  by Rick Lehrbaum
The Last Word  by Stan Kelly-Bootle


Penguin's Progress: Where Have the Nets Come From?  by Peter H. Salus
Linux for Suits   : Now What: Are We Going to Let AOL Turn the Net into TV 2.0...  by Doc Searls
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Strictly On-Line

Web Analysis Using Analog  by Gaelyne R. Gasson
Every web site needs a way to get accurate statitics—here's a freely available program to give you that information.
Shell Functions and Path Variables, part 2  by Stephen Collyer
Mr. Collyer continues his discussion with a detailed description of the addpath function.
The Generation Gap  by Brian Marshall
This paper examines the issues involved with the use of open-source software components in closed-source applications.
Enlightenment Basics  by Michael J. Hammel
A guide to getting and installing Enlightenment.
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