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Linux Journal Issue #75/July 2000


Science & Engineering  by Marjorie Richardson


Gri: A Language for Scientific Illustration  by Dan E. Kelley and Peter S. Galbraith
This scripting language avoids integrating analysis and display capabilities and instead focuses on providing precise and flexible control over the display of technical material.
Tracking Satellites with PREDICT  by John A. Magliacane
A look at the development and use of an open-source satellite-tracking and orbital-prediction program.
Detecting Chaos in the Field  by Juergen Kahrs
All that is real is reasonable, and all that is reasonable is real. —G.W.F. Hegel, 1770-1831
THOR: A Versatile Commodity Component of Supercomputer Development  by Robert A. Davis
CERN continues to use Linux as their OS of choice for modeling and simulation studies.
A GNU/Linux Wristwatch Videophone  by Steve Mann
This fully fuctioning prototype, designed and built by Steve Mann in 1998, was demonstrated in 1999, and later used to deliver a videoconference at ISSCC 2000.


Three-Tier Architecture  by Ariel Ortiz Ramirez
Professor Ortiz presents a little of the theory behind the three-tier architecture and shows how it may be applied using Linux, Java and MiniSQL.
cgimodel: CGI Programming Made Easy with Python  by Chenna Ramu and Christina Gemuend
Always look on the bright side of life and at a method for debugging CGI programs on the command line.
Mapping Lightning with Linux  by Timothy Hamlin
NM Tech studies lightning to determine basic charge structures and learn more about storm morphology.
Using Linux in Embedded and Real-Time Systems  by Rick Lehrbaum
When you need an embedded operating system, Linux is a good place to start. Here's why.
Troll Tech Announces Embedded GUI Toolkit  by Craig Knudsen
Troll Tech enters the embedded systems market—here's what's happening.
The Montréal 2000 Linux Expo  by Marcel Gagné
LJ's French chef visits Montréal April 10-12 for more than the food.


Medusa DS9 Security System  by Robert Dobozy
Cygwin: For Windows NT  by Daniel Lazenby
Understudy  by Daniel Allen


Take Command   The System Logging Dæmons, syslogd and klog  by Michael A. Schwarz
Take command of your log files by learning to handle those pesky logging dæmons.
Linux Means Business   Using Linux at Left Field Productions  by David Ashley
One programmer's experiece developing a Gameboy emulator on Linux.
System Administration   Getting the NT Out—and the Linux In  by David C. Smith
An overview of configuring Linux using Samba to replace the services provided from Windows NT servers.
Kernel Korner   Linux System Calls  by Moshe Bar
How to use the mechanism provided by the IA32 architecture for handling system calls.
Linley on Linux Voice Recognition Ready for Consumer Devices  by Linley Gwennap
Cooking with Linux   An Appetite for Discovery  by Marcel Gagné
Looking at the skies for stars and aliens can both be done on Linux systems.
At the Forge   Press Releases with Mason  by Reuven M. Lerner
Focus on Software  by David A. Bandel
Embedded Systems News  by Rick Lehrbaum


Penguin's Progress: Collecting RFCs  by Peter H. Salus
Linux for Suits   The Message  by Doc Searls
Best of Technical Support  
New Products  

Strictly On-Line

Mastering Algorithms with C  by John Kacur
Red Hat Linux 6 for Small Business  by Paul Dunne
Low-Bandwidth Communication Tools for Science  by Enrique Canessa and Clement Onime
No access to the Internet? Browse the Web via e-mail instead!
Security Technologies for the World Wide Web  by Wael Hassan
Getting Started in Computer Consulting  by Ralph Krause
Teach Yourself Emacs in 24 Hours  by Ralph Krause
Linux Administration A Beginner's Guide  by Harvey Friedman
AIPS and Linux: A Historical Reminiscence  by Patrick P. Murphy
The Astronomical Image Processing System looks at the sky using the radio wave section of the electromagnetic spectrum.
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