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Linux Journal Issue #77/September 2000


The Axis 2100 Network Camera  by Jason Schumaker
It's a video camera. It's a web server. It runs Linux!
The Next Bang: The Explosive Combination of Embedded Linux, XML and Instant Messaging  by Doc Searls
Interview with Google's Sergey Brin  by Jason Schumaker
VoIP and Embedded Linux  
An Interview with Inder Singh  by Jason Schumaker and Don Marti


Advanced 3-D Graphics: GNU Maverik—a VR Micro-Kernel  by Adrian West
GNU Maverik system
The Puzzle of 3D Graphics on Linux  by John Matthews and Daryll Strauss
From OpenGL to DRI to DGA, each term refers to a particular part of the full scene of Linux graphics.
Linux Job Scheduling  by Michael A. Schwarz
The Long View on Linux  by Doc Searls
Interview with Andrew Leyden—CEO of PenguinRadio  by Jason Schumaker
PenguinRadio is working to bring the power of the internet to home stereos and—down the road—to car stereos, as well.
Compaq's Approach to Linux in Your Hand  


Linux Means Business   Linux in Embedded Industrial Applications: A Case Study  by Luca Fini
Kernel Korner   The Bullet Points: Linux 2.4 - Part Deux  by Joe Pranevich
At the Forge   Content Management  by Reuven M. Lerner
Cooking with Linux   The Ghost of Fun Times Past  by Marcel Gagné


Linley on Linux Yopy Puts Linux in Hand   The author writes about Yopy, the first handheld computer that runs Linux.  by Linley Gwennap
Linux in Education: Linux at the University   In outer space, on the ground, and in the classroom: an overview of several exciting real-world applications developed under Linux by students and researchers at the University of Colorado in Boulder.  by Kevin K. Gifford
Focus on Software  by David A. Bandel
Embedded Systems News  by Rick Lehrbaum
The Last Word  by Stan Kelly-Bootle


TimeSys Linux/RT (Professional Edition)  by Daniel Lazenby
Linux Programmer's Reference Second Edition  by Ibrahim F. Haddad
Python and Tkinter Programming  by Phil Hughes
sendmail for Linux  by Russell J.T. Dyer


From the Editor   Embedded Systems  by Don Marti
From the Publisher   Staff Changes and an Activism Request  by Phil Hughes
Linux for Suits   Still Searching  by Doc Searls
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