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Linux Journal Issue #83/March 2001


Focus: Consulting  by Richard Vernon
How to Be a Successful High-Tech Consultant  by Marty Larsen
Number one requirement of the successful consultant: do what you love.
Linux Prophet  by Glen Otero
Linux consulting is not really about Linux.
Consulting Revealed  by Joshua Drake
Joshua gives an honest and thorough profile of the range of consultants.


Deploying the Squid Proxy Server on Linux  by Ian Spare
Ian gives an example of the installation, configuration and maintenance of this multi-tentacled invertebrate proxy server.
Alternatives for Dynamic Web Development Projects  by Dennis Gesker
Dennis provides a starting point for developers seeking solutions for their web application development requirements.
As the Log Scrolls By...  by Gaelyne R. Gasson
Gasson shows how a few tweaks to Apache's httpd.conf file can provide a colorful web log file.
Using xinetd  by Jose Nazario
José demonstrates how to start configuring and tweaking xinetd.
Open Source in MPEG  by Leonardo Chiariglione
A History of MPEG.


Kernel Korner   Running Linux with Broken Memory  by Rick van Rein
At the Forge   Introducing SOAP  by Reuven M. Lerner
Cooking with Linux   Not Cooking the Books  by Marcel Gagné
GFX Debian Multiboot Installation  by Robin Rowe


Linux for Suits   Return of the Bazaar  by Doc Searls
Linux in Education Maragda: Running Linux from CD  by Jordi Bataller
Paranoid Penguin   Designing and Using DMZ Networks to Protect Internet Servers  by Mick Bauer
Focus on Software  by David Bandel
Focus on Embedded Systems   An Interview with Greg Haerr on the Past, Present and Future of Microwindows  by Rick Lehrbaum
.org Watch Welcome!  by Leslie Proctor


Mandrake 7.2: Odyssey to Mediocrity  by Stephanie Black
The Computer Consultant's Guide, 2nd Edition  by Ralph Krause
The Blender Book  by Clifford Anderson


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