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Linux Journal Issue #86/June 2001


Focus: Internationalization and Emerging Markets  by Richard Vernon
Algorithms in Africa  by Wayne Marshall
More common sense and less zeal may be the key to bridging the information gap.
Linux Terminal Server Project  by Jorge Eduardo Nieto Lema
A cheap tool for spreading the benefits of computer technology.
Linux in Poland  by John Biggs
A look at a Warsaw Linux Users' Group.


Optimizing Performance through Parallelism  by Eric Bourque
Turn serial to symmetric for high-speed computing.
Web Development with PHP 4.0 and FastTemplate 1.1.0  by Bill Cunningham
Speed up changes to your HTML documents with this template package.
First Look at an Apple G4 with the AltiVec Processor  by Matthew Fite
What can the AltiVec processor do for Linux programmers?


Kernel Korner   Linux Socket Filter: Sniffing Bytes over the Network  by Gianluca Insolvibile
At the Forge   JavaBeans  by Reuven M. Lerner
Cooking with Linux   A Taste of the World  by Marcel Gagné
Paranoid Penguin   Checking Your Work with Scanners, Part II: Nessus  by Mick Bauer
GFX AVI Movie Players and Capture Robin Rowe  


Linley on Linux Downturn Has Silver Lining  by Linley Gwennap
Focus on Embedded Systems   Spotlight on Embedded Linux at CeBIT  by Rick Lehrbaum
Linux for Suits   Journalism 2.0 Doc Searls  
Games Penguins Play Heroes of Might and Magic III for Linux  by J. Neil Doane


PogoLinux RAID Workstation  by Choong Ng
The Hacker Ethic  by Michael Stafford
Real World Linux Security: Intrusion Prevention, Detection, and Recovery  by Don Marti


From the Publisher   Has Linux Become a Flop?  by Phil Hughes
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