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Table 2. Predefined Tripwire Property Mask Variables

ReadOnly    Files that are widely available but read-only.
         Value: +pinugtsdbmCM-rlacSH

Dynamic  Good for monitoring user directories and files
         that you expect to change regularly.
         Value: +pinugtd-srlbamcCMSH

Growing  Intended for files that should only get larger.
         Value: +pinugtdl-srbamcCMSH

Device   Good for devices or other files whose attributes,
         but not contents, should be checked.
         Value: +pugsdr-intlbamcCMSH

IgnoreAll   Checks a file's presence or absence,
            but nothing else.
            Value: -pinugtsdrlbamcCMSH

IgnoreNone  Checks all properties. Can be used for defining
               custom masks, e.g., mymask = $(IgnoreNone) -ar;
         Value: +pinugtsdrbamcCMSH-l

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