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Heather Mead

Issue #87, July 2001

DupLinux from Arco, Firewall-in-a-Box, Max Server Pages and more.

DupLinux from Arco

During the LinuxWorld Expo in Tokyo in May 2001, Arco Computer Products introduced DupLinux, an IDE RAID controller utility with background rebuilding and hot-pluggable drive capabilities. Designed to work with Arco's DupliDisk II IDE RAID 1 controller, users can configure, administer and rebuild their RAID array from the command line or through the X Window System. DupLinux also enables hot-plugging for hard drives.

Contact: Arco Computer Products, Inc., 3100 North 29th Court, Second Floor, Hollywood, Florida 33020, 800-458-1666 (toll-free sales), sales@arcoide.com, http://www.arcoide.com/.


Firewall-in-a-Box (FIB) is now available from EMAC, Inc. FIB is a fanless, small-footprint firewall that can securely share connections among several workstations or servers. Based on a customized Linux distribution, FIB controls data flow over an optional analog modem, cable modem or digital subscriber line. It is able to assign IP addresses dynamically to client machines (DHCP) and provides a caching DNS. FIB utilizes a low-voltage NS Geode GXLV-200 processor and a 50-watt power supply. The menu-based configuration utility is accessible via terminal or Telnet.

Contact: EMAC, Inc., 2390 EMAC Way, Carbondale, Illinois 62901, 618-529-4525, info@emacinc.com, http://www.emacinc.com/.

Max Server Pages

PlugSys announced the availability of Max Server Pages (MSP), a database-oriented server-side scripting product for web servers. MSP uses Xbase commands and functions so developers can quickly access data stored in DBF files and SQL databases. SQL queries and updates are done with the PlugSys ODBC Connector. The results are blended with HTML and JavaScript. MSP installs as a self-contained engine providing dynamic compilation and caching with runtime evaluation capabilities. A free edition (MSP/FE) can be downloaded from the company's web site.

Contact: PlugSys International LLC, 1636 Graff Avenue, San Leandro, California 94577, 510-352-2228, http://www.plugsys.com/.

Heroix eQ Management Suite

The new Heroix eQ Management Suite, from Heroix Corporation, is infrastructure cross-platform management software that allows monitoring tens to thousands of systems. eQ capabilities include detection, notification and resolution of application, system and network problems. A purpose-built rule engine powers system monitoring and is designed to emulate human knowledge and reasoning. The eQ suite features application autodiscovery, the Express Wizard interface, emergency repair and event reporting. eQ runs on a variety of Linux, UNIX and Windows platforms.

Contact: Heroix Corporation, 120 Wells Avenue, Newton, Massachusetts 02459, 800-229-6500 (toll-free), http://www.heroix.com/.

The Pockey

Pockey Drives released a new portable storage product called the Pockey, a USB external hard disk drive that is small, fast, portable and requires no additional power supply. The palm-sized Pockey is available in 10GB and 20GB capacities and is compatible with all laptop and desktop models. A USB cable connects the Pockey to a computer that transmits all data and power. The Pockey can be hot-swapped between computers without rebooting so file sharing is easy. The dimensions are 5" x 3 ½", and the transfer rate is up to 1.5MBps.

Contact: Pockey Drives, 21356 Nordhoff Street, Suite 109, Chatsworth, California 91311, 818-717-9556, info@pockeydrives.com, http://www.pockeydrives.com/.


VelociGenX, from VelociGen, is a web services application development and runtime platform that uses XML technology to provide cross-platform connectivity. Companies are able to develop reusable web services that incorporate data from any source or application. Therefore, VelociGenX can wrap, link and run various XML components as meta-applications from both legacy and dynamic data sources. The meta-applications can then be run and results sent to a browser, e-mail, PDA, pager or cell phone.

Contact: VelociGen, Inc. 8380 Miramar Mall, Suite #105, San Diego, California 92121, 858-622-1164, info@velocigen.com, http://www.velocigen.com/.

PostgreSQL 7.1

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group has made PostgreSQL version 7.1 available for download from the web site and mirror sites. Key new features of the 7.1 release include: the write-ahead log (WAL), which increases data integrity and processing speed because only one modified log file must be flushed to disk; rows of any length, via the oversized attribute storage technique (TOAST); support for SQL92 outer joins; 64-bit C function manager support; and improved support and speed for complex queries.

Contact: PostgreSQL Global Development Group, P.O. Box 1648, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada B0P 1X0, 877-542-0713 (toll-free), info@pgsql.com, http://www.postgresql.org/.


QLogic Corporation introduced SANblade, a board-level platform that allows OEMs and ITs to standardize SAN connectivity products for server and storage systems. SANblade is designed to support a broad range of application-specific requirements with a common hardware interface platform, software management suite, driver interface and sales channel. Currently based on Fibre Channel products, the SANblade family aids design, acquisition and deployment of products around a standard CDI to speed up development and time to market.

Contact: QLogic Corporation, 26600 Laguna Hills Drive, Aliso Viejo, California 92656, 800-662-4471 (toll-free), http://www.qlogic.com/.

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