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Heather Mead

Issue #93, January 2002

Cyclades, webMathematica, YDL 2.1 and more.

Cyclades TS400, TS800, TS3000

Cyclades Corporation has released the TS400, TS800 and TS3000, the newest members of the TS-Series, which are console servers used for out-of-band management of console ports in server farms and clusters. Featuring the same software as the other TS servers, the TS400, TS800 and TS3000 feature 4, 8 and 48 ports, respectively, in a 1U rack space. The TS3000 combines SSH, IP filtering and RADIUS with off-line data buffering and break-safe operation. Each of the TS-Series can also be used as a PPP server to provide access to dial-up clients or telecommuters using analog modems.

Contact: Cyclades Corporation, 41829 Albrae Street, Fremont, California 94538, sales@cyclades.com, www.cyclades.com.


webMathematica is software that allows users to add interactive calculations to the Web. With webMathematica, users can build web sites that provide specialized calculations for fields such as electrical engineering, compute and visualize data with a browser, deliver courseware and interactive books, and provide active functionality for technical documentation. Built on Java servlets, webMathematica is compatible with any web server, servlet engine or application server that supports Servlet 2.0 API or higher. It currently is available under a Professional or Amateur license for Intel-based Linux platforms, with other platforms to follow.

Contact: Wolfram Research, Inc., 100 Trade Center Drive, Champaign, Illinois 61820, www.wolfram.com.

YDL 2.1

Terra Soft Solutions announced that Yellow Dog Linux version 2.1 is now available for PPC processors. Updates to this release include making the 2.4 kernel the default and providing NVIDIA GeForce 2 video support. Other new features and updates offered are KDE 2.2.1, XFree86 4.1.0, Mozilla 0.9.3, Ext3 journaling filesystem, support for ATI RADEON video cards and a web-based administration tool. The YDL installation now supports individual package selection and offers Mac-on-Linux 0.9.60, which takes the ROM imaged from the Mac OS partition.

Contact: Terra Soft Solutions, 117 West Second Street, Loveland, Colorado 80537, 970-278-9243, presales@yellowdoglinux.com, www.yellowdoglinux.com.

Super Mini Optical Mouse

Designed for notebook computers and mobile users, Atek Electronics' two-button Super Mini Optical Mouse is the smallest computer mouse available, measuring 1" × 2.5". It provides the precise cursor control of an optical mouse with the advantage of its small size to be more useful and productive than standard laptop touchpads, trackballs and stick pointers. The Super Mini has a polycarbonate plastic shell and a Kevlar-reinforced three-foot cord. Both the USB and PS/2 versions are compatible with Linux.

Contact: Atek Electronics, 15042 Parkway Loop, Unit C, Tustin, California 92780, 888-889-9990 (toll-free), info@atek.com, www.atek.com.

Qt 3.0

The newest version of Qt, version 3.0, has been delivered by Trolltech. Qt offers a software development environment to create a single source tree that runs natively on many platforms, now including Mac OS X. New features introduced in version 3.0 are, among others, the ability to build platform- and database-independent database applications; text engine that supports rich text input, editing and rendering; the Qt Designer GUI builder that supports main window development and includes an integrated C++ editor; Qt Linguist for translation of GUIs to different languages; and Qt Assistant for easier searches. Qt v.3 is available under Professional, Free and Educational licenses.

Contact: Trolltech, Inc., 3350 Scott Boulevard, Building 55, Suite 2, Santa Clara, California 95054, info@trolltech.com, www.trolltech.com.

Linux for Chemistry

The Linux for Chemistry series (Volume 1) is now available from The Random Factory. Linux for Chemistry includes over 1GB of chemistry-related applications all precompiled and compatible with most recent distributions (Red Hat 7.x and SuSE 6.4 or later are recommended). Applications range from molecular visualization and data modeling, to reaction kinematics, spectroscopy and more. A comprehensive on-line documentation library also is provided. A graphical package installation tool is included, as are recent graphics and database releases, security toolkits and remote desktop tools. Linux for Astronomy and Linux for Biotechnology also are available.

Contact: The Random Factory, PO Box 44070, Tucson, Arizona 85733, rfactory@theriver.com, www.randomfactory.com.

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