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Linux Journal Issue #95/March 2002


XSLT Powers a New Wave of Web Applications  by Cameron Laird
Cameron explains the mysteries of XSLT and its multiple uses.
Client-Side Web Scripting  by Marco Fioretti
Personalize your web experience with a little Perl.
Improving the Speed of PHP Web Scripts  by Bruno Pedro
Discover what's holding back your PHP scripts and set them free.


Ruby  by Thomas Østerlie
The pluses of the scripting language taking Japan by storm.
Browser Comparison  by Ralph Krause
A look at the strengths and weaknesses of seven web browsers.


Take Command   Configuring pppd in Linux, Part II  by Tony Mobily
Kernel Korner   Inside the Linux Packet Filter, Part II  by Gianluca Insolvibile
At the Forge   Zope Products  by Reuven M. Lerner
Cooking with Linux   Scriptwriting for ze Web and Everywhere Else  by Marcel Gagné
GFX Film GIMP at Rhythm & Hues  by Robin Rowe
Linux in Education Putting Linux in Classrooms around the World  by John D. Biggs


Linux for Suits   Natural Forces  by Doc Searls
Focus on Software   Seven Kernerls on Five Systems  by David A. Bandel
Focus on Embedded Systems   Bully in the (Embedded) Playground  by Rick Lehrbaum
Geek Law: Unbiased License FUD  by Lawrence Rosen


The Book of Zope  by Reuven M. Lerner


From the Editor   SPAM, Not Spam, Is the Stuff of Memories  by Richard Vernon
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