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New Products

Heather Mead

Issue #97, May 2002

VT100 Set-Top Box, Port Server CM, CrossOver Plugin v1.1 and more.

New Products

VT100 Set-Top Box

VT Media Technologies has added the VT100, the Edge, to its line of set-top boxes. The Edge enables several data streams, including Ethernet 10/100 to be converted to composite analog RF data streams or digital S-Video data streams compatible with all standard television sets. A full browser and support for all plugins are provided, and the Edge also is compatible with CRT monitors. Options available for the Edge include a DVD player, CD-RW, floppy and standard IDE hardware. It also supports the Web-Media software announced by National and Century Embedded Software. Developer kits for the Edge are also available on the VT web site.

Contact VT Media Technologies, 6307 County Road 87 SW, Alexandria, Minnesota 56308, 320-763-8491, sales@vtmt.com, www.vtmt.com.

PortServer CM

PortServer CM is a new line from Digi International that offers products for data center management. Available in a 1U, 32-port design, the rackmountable PortServer CM allows administrators to monitor and control any mix of connected devices from anywhere on the corporate network, including standard TCP/IP connections over Ethernet LANs or dial-up modem connections. SSH v2 is used for security, and other supported protocols include DHCP, PPP, SLIP, NTP and FTP. Memory specs are 64MB SDRAM and 4MB Flash (upgradeable).

Contact Digi International, Inc., 11001 Bren Road East, Minnetonka, Minnesota 55343, 1-800-344-427 (toll-free), www.digi.com.

CrossOver Plugin v1.1

Version 1.1 of the CrossOver Plugin from CodeWeavers, Inc., is designed as a Windows-to-Linux adapter for Windows browser plugins and e-mail clients. In addition to opening MS Office documents and eFax files in any KDE or GNOME application, version 1.1 supports Windows Media Player streams. Other improvements in CrossOver 1.1 include acceptance of all TrueType fonts, RealPlayer files, the Trillian plugin, Yahoo Messenger, the iPIX plugin and Chime, a plugin for the chemical industry. CrossOver software supports most browsers, including Netscape, Mozilla, Konqueror, Opera, SkipStone and Galeon.

Contact CodeWeavers, Inc., 2550 University Avenue West, Suite 493S, St. Paul, Minnesota 55114, 651-523-9300, sales@codeweavers.com, www.codeweavers.com.


Standard and Deluxe box sets of Desktop/LX, a Linux distribution from Lycoris (formerly Redmond Linux Personal), are now available. The Standard box set includes the Desktop/LX CD-ROM, a 30-page installation manual and 60 days of e-mail support. The Deluxe box set also includes a source code CD-ROM and a DevTools CD-ROM, allowing Desktop/LX Deluxe to be used as a development platform. A graphical installation autodetects supported video, audio and network hardware, as well as attached printers. Desktop/LX offers an easy and fast system setup and a wizard that allows internet-connected users to get the latest versions and upgrades.

Contact Lycoris, PO Box 2313, Redmond, Washington 98073, 425-869-2930, sales@lycoris.com, www.lycoris.com.

PS-R1242, Dual Xeon 1U Server

Based on Intel's E7500 chipset, the PS-R1242 1U server supports dual Pentium Xeon processors up to 2.2GHz, providing supercomputing power aimed at the media/entertainment and scientific industries. The PS-R1242 has optional SCSI Ultra160 or ATA 100 RAID controllers and can be configured with either two IDE or three SCA hot-swap drive bays. It also supports up to 8GB of two-way interleaved DDR SDRAM. Additional features include a 1GB Ethernet port, one Fast Ethernet port incorporated on the motherboard with two available PCI 133/100 slots and a 350/400W cold-swap power supply.

Contact Promicro Systems, Inc., 12635 Danielson Court, #203, Poway, California 92064, 858-391-1515, sales@promicrosystems.com, www.promicrosystems.com.


Ateonix Networks introduced the NASAS-2040, a network-attached storage appliance with a feature set designed for small to medium-sized businesses. It supports any combination of up to four ATA/100/133 disk drives from any manufacturer. The storage capacity of each disk can be up to 128 petabytes, with disks of varying capacity. Upgrades can be done on-site by in-house personnel, and hard disk can be added or replaced via front-panel access. All software updates, including the network OS, drivers and user configuration data, can be updated via a web interface. All of the NASAS-2040 software resides on Flash memory, and it supports RAID 0, 1 and 5.

Contact Ateonix Networks, Inc., 42618 Christy Street, Fremont, California 94538, 510-656-8400, sales@ateonix.com, www.ateonix.com.

SnapGear PRO+

With an integrated V.90 modem for automatic failover for ADSL and cable-connected customers, the SnapGear PRO+ VPN router appliance offers the ability to switch to a conventional modem connection in the event of an outage. PRO+ has a 3DES capacity of 35Mbps and specific optimizations for the PPPoE protocol used by ADSL. It also can support network throughput up to 18Mbps. Two 10/100 Ethernet interfaces are standard for WAN and LAN traffic, in addition to the modem. A built-in PPTP client and server allows Windows users to connect to the PRO+ without a third-party client. Other features include RADIUS/TACACS+ authentication and dynamic DNS support.

Contact SnapGear, Inc., 7984 South Welby Park Drive, #101, Salt Lake City, Utah 84088, 801-282-8492, contact@snapgear.com, www.snapgear.com.

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