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Linux Journal Issue #98/June 2002


Kode KDE Kindly, Kan You?  by Jason Mott
Help Linux conquer the desktop with your own KDE app.
Emacs: the Free Software IDE  by Charles Curley
Not just for text editing—Emacs is the IDE that's been there all along.
Mediator/Python  by Doug Farrell
Sure it's no system for a basis of government, but Python can help build smart dialog boxes.


Python 2.2 Q&A with Guido van Rossum, Creator of Python  by Wesley J. Chun
No full monty, just Guido's honest opinions.


The OSCAR Revolution  by Richard Ferri
Making clusters easy to build for the nonprogrammer.


Kernel Korner   A NATural Progression  by David A. Bandel
At the Forge   Zope Page Templates  by Reuven M. Lerner
Cooking with Linux   Programming Life!  by Marcel Gagné
Paranoid Penguin   BestCrypt: Cross-Platform Filesystem Encryption  by Mick Bauer
GFX Silicon Grail RAYZ  by Robin Rowe


Focus on Software   Striking a Nerve  by David A. Bandel
Focus on Embedded Systems   Embedded Systems Conference 2002  by Rick Lehrbaum
Geek Law   Bad Law  by Lawrence Rosen
Linux for Suits   Identity from the Inside Out  by Doc Searls


Hewlett-Packard x4000 Workstation  by Thad Beier


From the Editor   From the Editor  by Richard Vernon
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