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Linux Journal Issue #101/September 2002


What Has 1.1 Terabytes, 9,503 BogoMips and Flies?  by Don Marti
With a collection of hot hardware, Mr. Marti shows that you can't judge a box by its color.


Coding between Mouse and Keyboard, Part I  by Patricia Jung
In the first part of this two-part article, Jung provides a working example of building GUI apps with Qt.
Bring an Atomic Clock to Your Home with Chrony  by Fred Mora
Be the first on your block to have atomic clock accuracly on your desktop!
CVS homedir  by Joey Hess
Ever thought of living your life in CVS? Hess shows how.
Linux Multimedia with Pd and GEM: a User's Report  by Dave Phillips
Phillips reveals how the Pd sound synthesis and processing environment works to make Linux a viable multimedia platform.
Free Software in Brazil  by Jon Hall
maddog gives the lowdown on some impressive Brazilian free software projects.
2002 Editors' Choice Awards  
Nineteen categories and 21 winners—read all about it.


Embedded Perspective  by Rick Lehrbaum
Fire, Brimstone and Real-Time Linux
Memory Leak Detection in Embedded Systems  by Cal Erickson
Erickson discusses some of the best tools for memory leak detection for embedded programmers.
In-Memory Database Systems  by Steve Graves
Graves demonstrates the advantages of in-memory databases in embedded environments.


Kernel Korner   The Kernel Hacker's Guide to Source Code Control  by Greg Kroah-Hartman
At the Forge   Introducing AOLserver  by Reuven M. Lerner
Cooking with Linux   The Ultimate (but Small) Linux Box!  by Marcel Gagné
Paranoid Peguin Q&A with Chris Wysopal (Weld Pond)  by Mick Bauer


Focus on Software   Ultimate Machines  by David A. Bandel
Linux for Suits   Grass Roots WiFi in London  by Doc Searls
Grass Roots WiFi in London
Geek Law   Allocation of the Risks  by Lawrence Rosen


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