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A longer version of this article, complete with the details of the qmail configuration used, is available from the Linux Journal web site (www.linuxjournal/article/6299).

Dan Bernstein's qmail and tools: cr.yp.to

Dave Sill's “Life with qmail”: www.lifewithqmail.org

André Opperman's “The Big Qmail Picture”: www.nrg4u.com

Bushmail is a commercial provider based in South Africa offering a publicly accessible radio e-mail network to many locations in sub-Saharan Africa: www.bushmail.co.za

The Mission Aviation Fellowship provides additional information on the use of HF radio modems, particularly oriented to the use of the E-Smith Linux distribution: www.maflink.org

Codan: www.codan.com.au

The International Rescue Committee: www.theirc.org

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